Sources of Variability

The clinic of CHWO has departments of pediatric, chest clinic, ER, and Urology are using the department of pediatric so that is why the rate of activity utilization varies. As the demand of the department is directly dependent on the arrival of the patients to the relative department. As the mentioned departments are the main reason for the variability in the extent of the period a patient has to wait for the treatment respectively. The CHWO have only one department of radiology so that is why it took extra time as most of the patients were waiting for their numbers. These sources of the variability could be regulated by increasing the contribution of the patients as well as it required the staff which would help them to control the rate of utilization over the expected one and by including the additional staff members the ratio of patient treatment would be increased. However, this would help the hospital management to achieve their targeted goals and they would successfully reduce waiting times by up to 20 percent.

The capacity of the clinic would decrease due to the variability and it required much more timing for the processing of the patients in the department of radiology and examination room hence the large timing swings lead to an increase in the rate of the patients waiting which ultimately reduced the capability of the clinic and sometimes the clinic unable to achieve their target cases of treatments.

Currently, the clinic is facing the problem of the activity utilization rate and struggling to increase its processes to 74 percent of its capacity. These issues are due to the lack of efficiencies in the various areas so it is needed to eliminate the variables that play a critical role in the reduction of the processes. So through the elimination of the unnecessary tasks and activities as well as the variables the clinic would successfully achieve their targeted rate, as well as this, would help them to increase the efficiency of the clinic where the targeted patients will be treated without requiring a long time of waiting. The elimination of the extra tasks and activities helps to increase efficiency as well as improves the activity utilization rate and reduces the total time of waiting.

However, the clinic has not yet eliminated the unnecessary tasks and limitations during the processing of the patients. It is required for the clinic to reduce the load on the individual so the clinic shows efficiency in the rate of activity utilization. If the clinic reduces the load on an individual by dividing the work of surgeons into three ways where they can reduce the workload and which leads to increasing the rate of efficiency.

Although the changing machine positioning and the X-rays taking variables are too labor intensive however by organizing the machines in a way where two setups for upper and two for lower and then allowing for the variation with the other remaining two machines would increase the rate of processing and increase the capacity by lowering the backup of the waiting of patients. The analysis indicates that pediatric Orthopedic are struggling to minimize the timing of patients waiting where they can maximize their processes by adding the additional machines and time management as well as by reducing the extra activities that have an impact on the processing.

The increase in the extra activities and workload on an individual worker reduced the efficiency of the clinic as a result of which the clinic serves a limited number of patients in contrast the high amount of salaries to each worker of the respective department would also have an adverse impact on the clinic. So by adding the machines the clinic can successfully reduce waiting times up to 25 percent that each of the patients suffered. So it is concluded that by following the above suggestions and instructions the hospital successfully reduce the waiting time up to 20 percent which would have a positive impact on the efficiency of the clinic.

Activity Utilization Rate for Each Designation

Activity Utilization for Each Divisions

The calculation of the rate of activity utilization will be done on the bases of the total number of hours that are being spend in the division and then the result will be divide by the total number of hours that are being spend for the respective division.


The analysis of the clinic information shows that the bottleneck based on the given processing is analyzed through the waiting time which is required for each patient. The analysis indicates that the inefficiency and increase in the waiting time for the patients are due to the lack of the machines and other facilities which are necessary for the staff. So the timing has an inverse relation with the lack of facilities for the staff and the lack of machines as well. So, increasing, the staff facilities and additional machines would help them reduce the time and boost the efficiency of the clinic.

For the identification of the bottleneck, two options are used based on the utilization which includes the activity which exceeds up to 100 percent and the throughput time. As the surgeon is the only staff that has utilization over 100% while the total timing required for the patient to move throughout the process is known as throughput time which is equal to waiting for time+ total activity. The average throughput time is 123 minutes for the new patients while on the other hand, while 119 minutes are for the follow-up patients so the total throughput timing is around 123 minutes.


The pediatric orthopedic clinic at the children’s hospital of western Ontario is located in London, Ontario Canada while having the specialty in pediatric. As the clinic has facing issues regarding the activity utilization process and according to the complaints of various patients that the clinic had long waiting time. The long waiting time reduce the efficiency of the clinic and reduce the activity utilization while these issues can be solved by increasing the additional machines, reducing the workload and increasing the facilities of the staff members. However the clinic can successfully increase 20% rate of activity utilization that help to reduce the waiting time…..

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