Pacific Grove Spice Case Solution & Answer

Pacific Grove Spice Case Solution


With the developing cognizance of fitness and the recognition of the culinary and culinary arts; the spice enterprise has grow to be a high-ability enterprise. Successfully embracing this trend, the Pacific Jungle Spice Company grew from a small grocery shop in Monterey Peninsula, California with inside the early Nineteen Eighties to a famous Crown enterprise, which substances spices to 50 states in the course of the USA. In 2011, the enterprise turned into in a duration of robust growth, indicating that its economic abilities had advanced with the want for extra funding financing. There turned into a trouble in financing the enterprise at that time. Firstly, due to the character of the business, there’s want a ton of investments to assist income, and the quantity of income will increase all through this time, so there’s want for greater funding. Secondly, the gathered income (home financing) can’t offset growth. In addition to which, the enterprise faces troubles with outside financing as it’s far a ways from the financial institution’s debt / asset ratio and capital ratios. Given the contemporary scenario with inside the Pacific, 5 years later; the financial institution might handiest be capable of generate a capital multiplier of 2.7 times, and the financial institution plans to look that bring about 2012; otherwise, the financial institution might now no longer have any intension of granting similarly loans.

Problem statement

Due to the 2008’s economic crisis; the banks began out pressurizing the regulators to restrict their publicity to transient credit score losses. As a end result of which, the Pacific Grove Spice Company Bank these days instructed its control that as of June 30th, 2012; the hobby payable need to be decreased to much less than 55% of general belongings and the inventory multiplier need to be decreased to much less than 2, 7 times. The financial institution will refuse extra lending if the commercial enterprise fails in assembly those conditions. As a end result of this, the agency wants to discover the precise technique to lessen its proportion of short-time period hobby-bearing debt even as efficaciously maximizing long-time period shareholder value. Currently, 3 alternatives are required to be evaluated for Pacific Corporation, to attain its investment goals and maximizing the blessings to its shareholders.


Debra Peterson who’s the President and CEO of Pacific Grove Spice Company is comparing the economic role of the organization which will advantage the suitable mortgage from the financial institution. Most importantly, the credit score committee is a key participant from the financial institution, which has been very conservative in granting loans, in mild of the 2008 economic crisis. However, primarily based totally on Debra’s analysis; the financial institution will then determine how an awful lot of the mortgage is to be granted. Beyond the economic constraints, Debra Peterson is being helped via way of means of the CFO, Fletcher Hodges, who’s assisting Debra in comparing the 3 to be had funding opportunities, namely:

  • Accept/ Reject an offer from cable cooking network to sponsor and produce a show.
  • Raise new equity capital by selling shares of the common stock.
  • Acquire High Country Seasonings.

Financial performance of Pacific

Pacific Grove’s economic overall performance remained robust over the 5 monetary years ended on thirtieth June 2011. The employer’s income boom improved from 15% in 2008 to 19% in 2011, displaying a CAGR of 12% over 5 years. The employer has maintained a solid gross margin percent of 42% over the 5 years. However, the employer’s internet earnings margin has been growing and has reached to nearly 3%, which represents a 1.5% boom over the 5 years. It is likewise vital to observe that the employer has maintained a good manage at the R&D and SG&A expense. This has translated right into a better ROE for the employer, which grew in double digits over time to attain 13.8% in 2011. Also, Pacific Grove is paying off its lenders in 30 days internet as represented through the day’s payable ratio, which indicates that the employer continues enough coins to pay to its lenders (Exhibit 1).

Projected financial statement

Interest bearing debt percentage

As calculated through the table below; the interest-bearing debt percentage for Pacific Grove would decrease from 55% to 53% by 2015.

    Actual Projected
    06/30/07 06/30/08 06/30/09 06/30/10 06/30/11 06/30/12 06/30/13 06/30/14 06/30/15
Bank Notes Payable   $7.669 $8.820 $9.613 $11.295 $13.442 $15.492 $17.506 $19.432 $21.181
Long-Term Debt   14.600 15.894 16.862 18.606 22.247 24.204 26.258 27.614 28.028
Total interest bearing debt   $22.269 $24.714 $26.475 $29.901 $35.689 $39.696 $43.764 $47.046 $49.209
Total assets   36.722 40.612 44.094 50.365 59.620 67.874 76.697 85.134 92.797
Interest bearing debt percentage   61% 61% 60% 59% 60% 58% 57% 55% 53%

Equity multiplier

As calculated in the table below; the equity multiplier came down to 2.7 times, however; it is still just 10 basis points above the expected level, but it is pretty close to the bank’s requirements.

    Actual Projected
    06/30/07 06/30/08 06/30/09 06/30/10 06/30/11 06/30/12 06/30/13 06/30/14 06/30/15
  Total Assets   36.722 40.612 44.094 50.365 59.620 67.874 76.697 85.134 92.797
  Total Shareholder Equity   10.506 11.422 12.770 14.824 17.198 20.543 24.378 28.694 33.488
Equity multilpier   3.50 3.56 3.45 3.40 3.47 3.30 3.15 2.97 2.77

Perception of Peterson

Steady income boom debts for the decrease funding in belongings for each PPE and Accounts Receivable, consequently reducing the Total Assets aspect that bureaucracy a part of the Equity Multiplier Ratio. Thus, it’ll assist the organization in lowering the Equity Multiplier ratio as demanded via way of means of the bank. However, if the Interest-Bearing Debt stays equal and Total Assets reduces; it’d growth the Interest-Bearing Debt Percentage ratio.

Three potential opportunities and their analysis

Sponsoring new television program

Before thinking about the sponsorship, nearer appearance have to receive on the cutting-edge role of the Pacific towards its competitors. Despite its endured sales growth; the Pacific internet earnings margin continues to be exceedingly small whilst as compared to its competitors. Therefore, the agency ought to bear in mind seizing this possibility to enhance its performance. When sponsoring TV shows; the agency’s income, earnings and running coins float are predicted to increase, the venture could have a large inner charge of return, although income simplest attain the predicted 75%. However, the venture does have a few drawbacks, and on the pinnacle of its drawback’s listing is its loss of revel in in acting arts and its incapacity of making sure the accuracy of the predicted performances. Furthermore, this funding calls for enormous funding of $1. forty four million in addition to different prices in in addition years, that’s pretty not possible for the agency as given the agency’s cutting-edge monetary situation; it has a completely tight budget. The coins flows from this venture in first year, could now no longer be enough to cowl the fee and higher Pacific’s cutting-edge debt stage to attain the bank’s requirement in 2012 (Exhibit 2). Though this software is useful for Pacific; the shortage of fund and excessive debt of Pacific makes it not possible for Pacific to take in this venture…………………………..

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