Oxipouco – An Endangered Species Resource Negotiation (B): PharmaCaring – Confidential Instructions Case Solution

This Case is about South America

published: 27 May 2013

This two-party settlement is an optimal initial settlement role-play to increase problems of presumptions, win-win/win-lose, competition/collaboration, interests/positions, single-/ multi-issue, positions/options. 2 business, SuperPharma and PharmaCaring, both wish to purchase 10,000 unusual Oxipouco fruits, which include various materials. Trainees have the tendency to concentrate on the fruits instead of on the substances. Win-win vs. win-lose presumptions (or zero-sum vs. good amount or integrative vs. distributive or competitors vs. partnership) 2. Multi-issue vs. single-issue settlements (choices) 4. Communication/preparation vs details asymmetry 5.

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