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Reflection on bias:

Considering the fact that various corporations including both private and public seem to be well-aware of the potential influence of unconscious biases on the organization,which tends to play an important role in recruitment and promotion. (Geoffrey Beattie, 2012)
The unconscious bias undoubtedly affects the workplace and any other organization significantly, due to the introduction of unintentional discrimination leading to the poor decision-making. With respect to the response and the profile of both the candidates that were taken under consideration, the biasness regarding the recruitment of one employee at the position is primarily categorized in two aspects i.e. halo effect and horn effect. (Agarwal, 2018)

Factually, most of the individuals tend to uphold quite favorable views regarding their capabilities in varying social as well as intellectual domains. (Dunning, 1999)Therefore, in efforts for determining that the best and most appropriate candidate for hiringwould primarily include the potential teammates for the provision of their input regarding the hiring decision.Furthermore, they would significantly possess the ability of candidate evaluation and might come up with the identification of some of the key strengths and weaknesses of the candidate that the interviewer might have not came across adding value to the hiring decision.

Additionally, it is considered important for the teammates to make sure to be cautios while asking questions related to their previous working experience i.e. might not be hypothetical and would avoid any unrelated query for the maintenance of the legal compliance. (Baum, 2011)Therefore, to ensure the recruitment of the deservingcandidate, the occurrence of the psychometric tests is mainly designed for the assessment of the individuals’abilities, which principally include anability testfor the measurement of skills such as verbal reasoning and numeracy as well as the personality inventories for the evaluation of theirattitudes, behavior, and abilities of interacting with other team membersin different situations. (Ireland, 2013)

Explanation of Sam and Jian’s behavior:

According to a study conducted by Paul J. Ferraro;the contradictory predictions from the economies theories were based on the assumptions that self-aware individuals are consistent with the incorporation of a positive correlationamong the competence, and self-awareness in any particular domain. (Ferraro, 2010 )In social and intellectual domains, many of the candidates tend to be unaware of the incompetence, which is where they lack knowledge, leading to the overestimation of the expertise and talent. (David Dunning, 2003)……………..


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