Organizational Behavior (Personality Assessment) Case Solution & Answer

Organizational Behavior (Personality Assessment) Case Solution


The assessment of a particular individual can be judged through analyzing the impact of every situation based on the individual’s physical appearance. Therefore,it is determined that the first situation was considered to be the worst for an individual and his first impression was against the organizational standards as he did not know about the rules due to the fact that he was hired as a fresh candidate.

Therefore,his mistake was only the disclosure of the un-unnecessary information which led to an increase in the conflicts with the staff members. However, it is also analyzed that a centralized organization is composed of the high rules and regulations, which would not allow to behave freely with others. Thus, the biggest mistake was to not follow the centralized structure.

When he shifted towards the new team, the same situation took place however it was different from the nature. It was innate in him to disclose every information that seemed relevant or irrelevant, therefore this had a negative impact on the new team’s boss as he attacked his personal life style in many ways.

After all, he again transferred to another team where he found his boss who possessed the necessary leadership qualities, and was considered to be the best talent of the team. Thus, the whole situation shows that he had lacked cultural diversification but strong on his goals and career objectives.


From the perspective of different situational analysis, it has been determined that his behavior was similar in all circumstances. Therefore,the similarity of the behavior had led to the increase in conflicts with the first two teams of technical training. In the real life, however, in order to survive in an organizational environment, every individual should adopt different standards of behavior according to the requirements.

It would allow to adopt the culture effectively than expected as well as it would increase the skills and technical competency level of how to fit in all the cultures promptly.The behavior of an individual according to the certain situation was to disclose every information he liked as well as he had the habit of making the environment friendly, which the army would never allow.


The last element is the most crucial for using the SBI model of feedback as it is the backbone of the overall analysis, where each subject has been disclosed according to its impact over the situation and the behavior. Thus, from the individual’s perspective, it shows that the similarity of the behavior would sometimes consist of different impacts related to the particular situation.

According to this case, it is stated that thein dividual was more collaborative and autonomous in nature and thus, this lead to the increase in the conflicts among the members that he faced as the culture was not allowing to share the information and complaints with each other due to centralization, therefore in every situation which he faced, the same organizational culture was adopted.

He survived in the last transfer because of the leadership competency among the team members and the boss, which increased his efforts to do more than he expected. Moreover,an additional factor to analyze the case is the level of mentoring and coaching he wanted to pursue a career. It is, therefore, concluded that every impact is directly proportional to the level of behavior and the cross-sectional iintelligence

Talent Management System

Talent management systems are said to be the key for the organizational success under which a competency level of every individual is judged through the skills and experience he/she possesses.Therefore,in order to analyze the situation of army’s talent management systems, it is determined that a system should consist of an individual under high technical competency instead of behavioral so that anyone would not be as cooperative with the staff members…………………

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