Orange Group’s Open Seamless Alliance™ – Organizational Innovation for Value-creating Partnerships  Case Solution

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  Strategy

published: 26 Jul 2010


The Open Seamless Alliance is a partnership effort established by Mobistar, a partly-owned subsidiary of France Telecom to federate and administer roaming activities (user interfaces, prices, service functions, etc) in a club-like open alliance. Members abide by a reasonable procedure of cooperation. The case concentrates on the obstacles dealing with the control and management of the alliance as it broadens its geographical scope and attemps to move from shared “back workplace” services to value-differentiating “front workplace” services.


Pedagogical Goals:

The goal is to highlight the principle of a multilateral alliance where contract on a reasonable shared procedure precedes particular substantive cooperation efforts. In specific, the case concentrates on how trust is constructed by the alliance forerunners and on how the dedication and functions of numerous members are impacted by market and geographical attributes. It likewise permits trainees to evaluate the obstacles associated with moving from a “back-office” energy alliance to a “front-office” value-creating alliance.

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