Operation management- Evaluation of AT&T Case Solution & Answer

Operation management- Evaluation of AT&T  Case Solution

Operation Management topics relevant for the case

From the analysis of the situation faced by AT&T, it is identified that there are various topics of operation management that would fit for the company’s evaluation process. These are given below:

Strategy drives towards value

It is one of the core topics of operation management where the key elements of setting the strategy are to create, capture and deliver the value. So it has been determined that every business should create the strategy that would fit for the desired outcome, then it should capture the value from the strategic evaluation. Finally, if the capturing result would fit under the criteria proposed by it, it should deliver to the final users or the customers.


According to the current scenario of using the strategy drives, it has been identified that it would fit for AT&T’s use of data plan that it would like to set with extension in rates and hours.

mployee/Customer Management System

It is one of the key topics in operations management where an internal analysis of the overall performance is judged through applying the HRM projected results that would have an impact on the company’s ability to perform in the future. It includes some characteristics like the number of participants, ability to select, train, proper skill utilization as well as its variability over the use of the operations.


Due to the lack of management’s ability to cope with proper strategies of AT&T, it has been analyzed that a topic would be helpful to revitalize the HRM process effectively.

Variation and Waste

Another important topic of the operation management is the use of the analysis related to the variations and the wastes that a company performs. Thus it shows that variation represents the level of an amount far from the desired level, and waste includes the necessary exclusion of the materials and other stuff from the operations.

Four process Misunderstanding

The process includes the lack of ability that a management performs, thus it shows that during the operational activity, management possesses lack of ability to perform better results as compared to the actual poor results they perform. The process, however, consists of the inadaptability of the cycle time of the related product or service. Also the lack of processing the bottle neck operational activities that may hinder the overall results of the goals that they should consider to follow. In addition to that, the management also confuses to adopt the process effectively due to the lack of theoretical understanding. Finally, under the scenario, if the bottle neck operational systems are doubled then it may have no effect on the overall performance of the capacity systems.

Effects on AT&T (V&W and Four process of misunderstanding)

Under the scenario of AT&T, it is determined that management has still a lack of adaptability of the operations because they have no power to quickly adopt the results. In a case of financial performance, however, it can be overcome by using the concept of V&W.

Three Generic process improvement Approaches

In similar to the context of the combination of last three topics in the case, it is concluded that the merging of V&W and the bottleneck would provide a better result as assumed by the AT&T. Therefore, it shows that it can improve the management’s performance overtime as well as financial results to meet the demand of the company.

Measurement structure in operations

After the analysis of the company’s recent performance, it is determined that a proper use of measurement structure would allow reducing the level of mismanagement concept that AT&T held. Also, it will improve the overall financial results in the future as well as increase the bargaining power………………

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