Online Piracy: Jaywalking or Theft Case Solution

In September 2009, Brian Lee bought a computer developed by a large company, like other gambling clients had difficulty running it. The source of the problems was a very restrictive system of digital rights management (DRM), which, though more or less universally hated, was the cause of serious technical problems for a minority of users. Lee began sharing his experience in the administration of society and has participated in a debate on piracy in line with a company representative. I was curious to piracy in the age of file sharing, and wondered why it would be wrong to download a pirate game with DRM release void. The case involves an issue that resonates with students. Although the context is simple, the problem is complex, giving instructors flexibility on how to teach the case. It is suitable for modules or courses that focus on ethics, service operations, intellectual property and information technology.
Alex Beamish
Source: Ivey Publishing
8 pages.
Release: September 18, 2009. Prod #: 909C18-PDF-ENG
Online Piracy: Jaywalking or Theft? Case Solution

Online Piracy: Jaywalking or Theft Case Solution
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