ONergy: Developing a social entrepreneurship startup brand Case Solution & Answer

ONergy: Developing a social entrepreneurship startup brand    Case Solution 



ONergy’s primary strength is in its unique idea of doing business, which is the use of Solar to produce light. The use of solar light is also beneficial in terms of cost as it is not costly to use solar light. The company focuses on addressing environmental issues, which the government usually does not notice. Its vision of enhancing the quality of life in rural areas was also a significant strength to the company because of this vision consumer will support them regarding their business. ONergy has made possible the access to power at cheaper rates. Its variety of products also facilitated the consumers to buy their products according to their need. Moreover, the company is also focusing on urban areas as consumers in cities want cheap electricity.


Developing the trust and awareness in rural household communities is different as they lack knowledge and awareness. In addition to this, they don’t have any brand image, as in order to become a successful it is necessary for ONergy to recognize its products under a brand perception, as well as it is also essential in terms of competition in the energy based product industry. The company also needs huge investments for its projects and to provide training and awareness among rural communities. It is also difficult for ONergy to hire the right and talented employee as it cannot afford high salaried employees. Transportation in village areas is also not easy as they lack proper roads and street.


ONergy has numerous opportunities, as it can improve its brand image by providing quality products. Its contribution in poor rural societies of India will help it to achieve a competitive advantage and consumer’s attention. It can also go beyond the boundaries of this unique product industry. It can expand its business globally as energy crisis is the major issue in the world, particularly in Asia. The business has increasing numbers of buyers due to the vast variety of their products. In India, investment in solar home systems and solar mini-grids seems to have a great opportunity due to high incentives by the government and large market of consumers which comprises of a middle class.


Many small and large companies are now focusing on energy based products, there fore it is a big threat to ONergy for tough competition that it may encounter ahead. Many companies are now coming up with this idea and it is also easy for them to improve their brand image since consumers already have awareness about the energy based products. ONergy has no brand image therefore,it would be difficult for itto sustain its position in the long run. Tata Power Solar System, Geetanjali solar system, and Reliance Solar group are the direct competitors for ONergy. These are the oldest companies in India and have established their presence in the mind of consumers. The other energy based products distribution companies have also become tough competitors. Europe and the US based companies are also serving rural areas of the country with the renewable energy based products.

Critical Issues:

Lack of Awareness in the mind of Consumers:

Initially, ONergy had faced some problems with its products as it noticed that customers refused to accept the solar-based products for several reasons. A huge one-time investment is required for the ONergy’s products, as people do not have awareness about the base energy products nor do they have enough knowledge about their use and benefits for them and environment as well. Customers initially were more concerned about the effectiveness of ONergy’s products and their durability how long they can be operated.


ONergy faces two types of competition; Direct and Indirect. In rural market, the direct competition comes from large organizations such as Tata, Reliance Group, Bhaskar Corporation and other…………

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