Ocean Park Case Solution

Q 4) What strategies should Ocean Park take next?

·        Define HR policies and attractive Opportunities:

In order to attract educated and skilled workforce, the management of the Ocean Park should address the positive aspects of joining Ocean Park’s operation. The company should promise to provide better career growth opportunities and attractive salary package to young and talented employees that could provide help in attracting and retaining visitors. The management should also offer job security and other monetary benefits to its employees so that it could have a pool of educated and competent employees.

·        Joint Venture/ help form Financial Institution:

The management of the company can go for a joint venture with other park or company to cope up with the problem of financing. In addition, it could also take some help from venture capitalists or financial institutions on certain conditions such as after the park’s growth phase the financial firm will give equity shares in exchange for a certain amount of loan with interest. This would enable the company to fulfill its requirement of investment from some outsider.

     Protection of Animals in the park:

The management should not import such animals which involve risks and problems instead those animals should be imported which do not require any careful climatic conditions and importation problems. In addition, the management should ensure the care and other facilities for animals in the Ocean Park…………….

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