Alternative 2:

The company has to enhance the customer satisfaction and loyalty by combined efforts of all the company’s stakeholders. This is can be done by focusing on unique culture where the growth of the company would come from altering, developing and enriching the existing work on the basis of collaboration and sharing and involvingemployees for the purpose of improving the service quality by showing them that their suggestions are significantly important and are welcomed as well. The staff must be passionate and fulfilled while greeting the customers, managers must have strength and integrity of character, also hiring practices that prioritize emotional intelligence and attitude over the industry aptitude. Not only this, the honest, trustworthy and fair leadership with tendency of setting the examples and train employees to succeed. Also the management has to make sure that the working environment encourages and supports experimentation and development of new and innovative ideas that would inspire and excite the customers(Boris Groysberg, 2017)


After taking into account the necessary fundamental of improving the service quality and to remain best in highly competitive market, the suggestion is that the company has to bring the well suited culture, where the employees and top management work for improving the service quality, hence satisfying customer base by following alternative 3. The effective leadership in developing plans for motivating employees and to make them stagnant, focusing on market image and brand reputation of hotel.Many emerging issues such as train sound and complaint of customer about cold tea requires strong and effective management and leadership. For this issues, it is recommended to make tents soundproof so that the sound of train would not trouble the hotel guests or clients, also in case of any inconvenience, the company should refund the charges of entire stay. For addressing the issue of customer complaints, the empowerment program is well effective in terms of recovering the service, which gives feedback of customers on continual basis, the company should focus on continuing this program in order to improve quality of hotel services.

The leadership would lead the company to another success level, whereby letting everyone involved in the decision making, this can be started with the leadership. In addition to this, the lasting or sustainable change most likely begins with the commitment of leaders to this initiative. It is also important to know the employees and what they think, where the current culture of Oberoi actually stands, not only this, the company has to know what the company’s high performing employees need to thrive.

The company should also set benchmark in order to better evaluation of the current and past performance of the standards being followed collaboratively to improve the service quality and to retain the customer base.


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