Oberoi Hotels Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve Case Solution & Answer

Oberoi Hotels Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve

Question: 02

Anticipatory Services

Anticipatory Services are the proactive method to enhance the customer services. This approach helps the Oberoi Hotel to solving the problems before noticed by the customers of the hotel. It is a better strategy for the hotel to sort out the problems proactively, which reduce the comments of problems in customer’s questionnaire.

Anticipatory Services can increase the experience of customers.

  • The hotel management must arrange all the things before a guest in the hotel which are necessary for guests in the hotel room.
  • The hotel receptionist must make conversation with the guest for what purpose he is coming to the hotel. Suppose a customer came for a birthday party. The hotel management prepares all the things for the birthday party in advance.
  • The hotel management must analyze the satisfaction of customer throughout the period they stay in the hotel.
  • Make a friendly and respectful communication with customers according to their culture.
  • The hotel staff must behave with customers like family to make them comfortable.
  • The Oberoi Hotel must offer the products and services to the customers according to their nature of Religion.
  • When the guest’s checkout from the hotel, the staff must wish them for safe journey.

Question: 03

Recruiting, Training and Motivation of Employees

Human Resource Management is a department at the Hotel. Human Resource Management of the Hotel is very experienced. The HR team always tries to recruit those employees for the Hotel which has experience in this field and they have the desire to work in Oberoi Hotel. Mostly the HR team focuses on the educated and university Students which have higher level of theoretical exposure to practical internships. The Recruiters of the Hotel also examine the interpersonal skills and level of English language and the attitude of learning of employees on this basis. The HR team recruits the employees from the Oberoi Hotel.

The employees are trained by expensive training methods in which the specialists teach them how to work in hotel and which requirements of the job you should learn. Hotel also arrange some workshops for the Employees training.

The Hotel motivates the employees on intrinsic as well as extrinsic. In intrinsic motivation, the hotel appraises basis of their performance. Basically, this is non-monetary motivation. And in extrinsic Motivation, the hotel motivates the Employees through rewards, benefits, compensations, increment in salary and also offers other benefits of transportation and medical allowances. Both the type of motivations increases the productivity and performance of the Hotel Staff which increases the effectiveness of hotel management.

Question: 04

Ratna Malhotra refunds the charges of that night to the guest on which the guest was not properly slept because of train noise because the station is very near to the Hotel. Through the questionnaire, the issue was identified and the Ratna Malhotra respectfully email to customer and apologize to him as shown in the Exhibit 01 of case. The Ratna states in his feedback that we are very sorry that you feel uncomfortable in our hotel. We clearly understand that you are not satisfied with the services of our hotel. The Hotel wants to refund the reservation charges of last night to the guest.

In this answer, we can see that the hotel also provides refunds to the unsatisfied customers was analyzing the valid reason of disappointment.


After answering all the questions required by the case, we conclude that the Oberoi Hotel has the strong brand equity in the market. The ratio of satisfied guests and members is high, which increases the market share of the Hotel. The performance of the hotel is also the good in the market as compared to the other competitors. The HR department is also very skillful and experienced, which hires the right people for the right place at the right time. The hotel is a good appraisal and managing system for employees and also valuable offerings for the guests and members…..

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