Oberoi Hotels: Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve Case Solution & Answer

Oberoi Hotels: Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve Case Solution


Oberoi Group is one of the top luxury five stars hotels in India headquarter in Delhi. It was founded in 1934 by Raj Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi. The Oberoi Group has two major holding companies, The EIH LTD and The EIH Associated Hotels.Oberoi group currently has 31 hotels and river cruise ships in some countries. Alongside the hotel business; it is also engaged in car rentals, project management, airport restaurants and flight catering services.(wikepedia, 2021)The first and foremost priority of Oberoi group is customers’ satisfaction and superior customer service because the company believes that the best customer service attracts more customers to the brand and due to their superior service Oberoi hotel is considered as one of the best hotels in India. The service model has been designed in such a way that the staff members and executives know about customer’s preferences, likes and dislikes and provides services accordingly. Oberoi Hotels-provide an extensive training to the staff,including their senior managers, junior managers and room service staff in a way that the work seems natural and it is the priority that the training and development process meets all the service requirements. The hotel’s management provides its employees with all the basic facilities required, such as: living rooms, food, play area, and travel accommodation. Oberoi group was the first in India to employ females in hotel management. The company is now currently operating outside India as well. Apart from India, Oberoi Hotels has its presence in Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Mauritius, Morocco, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Oberoi group has also got awards by the government for excellent work.

Problem Statement

Oberoi Hotel provides a delightful experience to its customer. The recent complaint lodged by the customer regarding sleeplessness due to the train noises in one of their hotels, is a big issue for the hotel management as Oberoi hotels is one of the biggest name and the rooms prices are costly. People bear high cost and in return they expect the best experience, but the recent complaint has created problem for the management and COO Vikram Oberoi. To resolve it, the company has to identify whether the service model has delighted the customers or have their expectations increase with visits.

Critical Analysis

Recommended actions for Vikram

Oberoi group has taken good measures for customers’ satisfaction.The hotel’s service, ambiance and environment provide a delightful experience to the guests staying at the hotel. At one of the hotels; there was train noise issues for which earplugs were provided to the light sleepers. One of the customers left the hotel after two nights despite of the booking being for three nights. So the complaint was lodged about the train sound issue due to which the customer could not have a proper sleep.

Ratna Malhotra responded with an apology email to the customer, in which it is assured that the issue would be soon resolved. Along with that, Ratna requested the customer to allow the company to refund the 3rd night’s reservation and the customer is also requested to allow them to call him for further details. The current plan should be enhanced in such a way that Mr. Vikram Oberoi should send a complimentary gift to the customer along with an invitation to visit their hotel again so as to regain the customer’s trust which thegroup has lost. The train sound issue should also be resolved immediately in order to avoid more complaints and the group can maintain the legacy of providing high standard services. See Appendix A…………………..

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