and Gray (2015). Similar results were found by a study conducted on five-star hotels by (see, e.g. Kuzu and Ozilhan, 2013). Which also identified a positive relationship between knowledge sharing of employees and its impact on performance. Which means that if employee’s trust is gained and he or she is allowed to talk about any areas of service or product which need improvement then, a companywill know about very small setbacks in the services or products which need their attention and are refraining it from making each and every customer satisfied.

Even the COO of the Oberoi Hotels, Vikram Oberoi himself believes in a positive relationship with all employees. An example of this is, when he was carrying the luggage of the customer himself because he believes every person is equal irrespective of his/her position. And he believes in continuous improvement and always remain in touch with all Hotel’s branches and their organizational staff have information about the customer satisfaction.





Based on the issues identified in the case and existing management practices of ‘The Oberoi Group’, Vikram should adopt a policy by which their employees will not only feel safe and comfortable but also there should be an environment of trust and respect provide to them in the company. Which will help the company to provide the best services and fulfill its mission ofmaking every customer satisfied.

And for this particular issue, the company should refund all the bills of three nights to the customer, because making every customer satisfied is its objective. This will make him visit the resort next time because the respectedthe company has given his feedback. And for future ‘Oberoi Hotels” should make the ceiling of their tents soundproof, because if the sound from one mile away train’s engine is disturbing the sleep of guests, then such cases can occur in future also.

As Human Relation Theories(Abbott, 2006)(Sarah Brown∗, 2015)(Ömür Hakan Kuzua *, 2013), suggests, workers should be regarded as different from the other resources used by the company, thus if workers are not provided autonomy and are not encouraged to arise issues and rather used as machines then, a company will face difficulty in identifying the minor issues which can create problems in the long run. In addition, Human Resource Management theory (Keith Abbot, 2006) emphasizes that companies encouraging unifying culture, persuasive leadership can resolve major issues. As the theories highlight the importance of employee empowerment in the context of resolving many small issues like the one faced by the company.

As the guest felt uncomfortable and failed to sleep welleven, when the train was passing more than a mile away from the resort. Issues like this occur when a company relies just on customer’s feedback and don’t encourage their employees to highlight the grey areas, which need improvements. That’s why ‘The Oberoi Group’ is facing such issues from time to time, even after investing heavily in employee selection and their training. If there is a lack of trust between operational and managerial staff then organizational culture emphasizes more on obedience then employee’s autonomy………………..

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