Nursing Theorist Assignment Case Solution & Answer

Nursing Theorist Assignment Case Study Solution


In the last century, the nursing theory has been one of the major themes, which have significantly continued to stimulate the phenomenal growth of the profession and the expansion of nursing education as well as literature. The history of professional nursing was followed by Florence Nightingale during her wartime services when she organized and cared for the people during the Crimean war in Scutari. In the 1950s, when nursing was to emerge as a science; the practice of nursing was primarily based on the traditions and principles that were handed down through the individual procedure manuals of the hospitals and an apprenticeship education model.

With significant growth in the professional status of nurses; the utilization of the substantive knowledge regarding the theory-based evidence for nursing turned out to be a quality, which is the base of their practice. Ellis (1968) indicated that it is considered important and useful for development and guiding practices.The developed theories must have the capability of revealing the type of knowledge required by the nurses to pursue.Thus the analysis of the nursing theories was based on the criteria of five characteristics i.e. clarity, simplicity, generality, accessibility and importance. (Alligood, 2014)

Theorist and theory:

This study is focused on the theorist Virginia Henderson based on her theory i.e. “The Needs Nursing Theory” and its four Meta paradigms,such as: nursing, environment, health and person, which are found to be common in every nursing theory.

About the Needs Nursing Theory:

The Needs Nursing theory was primarily developed by Virginia Henderson,when the needs of the patients were considered as a primary concern. Due to this reason, the theory was named as the Needs Nursing Theory. It was believed by Henderson that the independence of the patient is of great importance to allow better recovery and making sure that theyreturn to their home as early as possible.Nursing was defined as the practice to provide help to the sick individual to perform activities that contribute to the improvement in health status or promote faster recovery rate,which could be performed unaided in case of being physically able to perform such activities. This is based on the notion to allow the individuals to gain independence in performing activities as soon as possible,depending on the severity of the individual’s health status. The definition of nursing provided by Henderson served as the base that clearly distinguished nursing from medicine,because it is mainly associated with the provision of help to the individuals to perform activities that are responsible for contributing to the improvement of health and bodily functions.

The postulates of the theory state that the functions of nurses are concerned with a physician, patient and other healthcare professionals. The difference in the relationship provides nurses with wide-ranging responsibilities. As stated by Henderson, there are three levels in the relationship between a nurse and a patient. The nurses’ roles as following:

  • Substitute for the patient – because a nurse performs different actions on behalf of the patient.
  • Supplement – because a nurse assists the patient.
  • Complement – because a nurse works with the patient, to assist him/her in gaining independence.

Key Points:

Based on the concepts represented in the theory; the key points on which the entire fundamental needs are based on and have a relation between other factors mainly, include the following…………………………………..


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