Practice Change

Nursing Research provides a scientific platform to nurses to form the basis for the practices of the profession. Nursing Research uses multiple philosophical and theory-based approaches as well as diverse methodologies, to shape the research and make it most useful, valid and reliable for the nurses. The aim of the research is to provide such practices which could remain authentic and valid for a long period of time. Nursing Research focuses on understanding the systems of the illness and offers an easy path to counter the illness and disease. In particular, the aim of the research is to offer an alternative path which is efficient and easy to practice and is innovative in nature. Moreover, Nursing Research tends to improve the past researches and also sustain the optimal health of the patient.

The continual research in the field of nursing is important, because it keeps the nurses updated, through new found knowledge. In addition, the research helps the nurses to identify and deal with illness more effectively through proposed research as compared to the experimenting phenomenon. Since the type of disease and illness changes with time, the updated research offers a platform to the nurses to understand the illness and type of patient by identifying the symptoms before it gets too late.

During the Last Five years, NPA (Nurse Practice Act) has been developed into different regions. Every region has its own set of practices that best suit the patient hence BON has been established. BON (Board of Nurses) is a committee formed in every healthcare and nursing institution which sets the guidelines that best suits the environment and type of patients the region has. It forms specific practices which integrates the external environment, type of patients and expertise available in the nursing institution to counter the issues effectively.


Since the establishment of the committee, the management of the institution has been effective in training the nurses in their particular type of field. In fact due to integrated and accurate set of guidelines, the management has been able to train and excel in training the nurses according to the best practices. This approach improved the nurse’s expertise and helped in identifying the exact type of disease and illness. It also enabled the nurses to understand the types of behavior patients have, when they visit or are admitted.

The whole process became efficient which saved energy and time of the patient to explain the type of problem he/she has, in fact it made nurses identify the issues that might be occurring to the patient due to identificationof certain symptoms. Hence improved the overall knowledge, expertise and quality of Nursing service which eased the patient.(Russell, 2012), (Donkor, 2013)

How would the nurse practicing from Nightingale’s theory begin her home visit?What would be the priority for the nurse in this situation?

Nightingale wrote notes regarding nursing, which later became the basis for its research and practices. In which, one of the theory was environmental theory, which considered the restoration of usual health environment for that nurse’s patients at different settings, so that the nurse could enhance care given to the patients. Therefore, according to Nightingale theory, it can be determined that, the nurse should ensure that proper environment is maintained in the home of the patients…………………

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