IMD-6-0281 © 2005
Carlos; Cordon, Thomas E.; Vollmann, Luis, Vivanco

This is an abridged version of IMD-6-0266. Numico, Europe’s second largest infant food manufacturer, re-emphasizes on its strategy on its core markets. The key is strategic change – including creation rationalization and new product introduction. Reduce prices and to enhance customer satisfaction levels, two big jobs are initiated by the firm, the first is geared toward visibility with improved reaction time to organize them, to demand and stock levels – and new supply chain practices. The second is complete overhaul of the supply and creation procedure which includes product rationalization, plant decrease and changing of production to Eastern Europe. The case looks at the future of the business, the function of a crucial change supervisor, and the challenges for their execution.

Subjects: Multiple markets; Supply chain; Demand coordination; Production rationalization; Implementation; Information use; Change management
Settings: €4- 5 billion /annual revenue; Eastern Europe; Western Europe; Infant food ; USA ; November 2002 – January 2004

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