Question No: 03

The incentives given by the organization to the family and non-relatives incorporate rewards, remittances, excursions, additional administrations, and others. These incentives are essentially given to propel the representatives with the goal that they can perform better. It makes dedication among the labor force that works for the business and offering these types of assistance and advantages to the non-family representatives of the association won’t hurt the possibilities or the interests of the business.

The administration of the organization ought to likewise permit and energize the other non-family senior administration of the association in purchasing restricted stakes inside the association as it will help with propelling them since they will view themselves as a piece of the group and association as a feature of themselves. This will likewise serve the interests and prospects of the business decidedly as it will abstain them from accomplishing strength inside the association but it will still motivate them to perform better. The following are the details of the incentives provided to the family and non-family members of the company; these are:

These are the advantages given to both the family and non-relatives of the organization. Although the organization is very unsure that assuming additional advantages gave to the relatives, they will consider the organization as their stakes however these advantages in comparative cutoff is critical to oblige them to persuade them for future.

Question No: 04

The case highlights the issues encountered by both Mike and Grant in continuing charge as the VPs of the organization after Keith had left the work. The difficulties looked at by the two of them was the absence of certainty and capacities that have been addressed by the people. The vast majority of the supervisors were terrified about their positions after their appearance. The directors were excessively reliant upon the past president and expect something very similar from the two of them.

To determine the situation, Mike and Grant ought to work on their abilities and attempt to oblige every one of the assumptions. They should work on their correspondence and co-appointment abilities with different representatives and chiefs of the organization to turn out to be better VPs of the business as correspondence with directors and workers is basic for viable administration and control of the business. Moreover, they try to focus on building a friendly environment to facilitate the employees. Appendix 1 shows the specific plan and efforts for effecting the managerial transition from Keith to Mike and Grant.


Northwest Security Services was the main organization that offered subjective types of assistance to its clients and the organization’s business was created with the extraordinary jump from that point forward alongside the progress in the administration among the previous age of the proprietor of the organization. The fundamental issue that the company facing due do which the business growth decline include the underperformance of some family members, bringing new families into the business, Adaptation of the external advisory board, and the assets divergence. The case highlights the issues encountered by both Mike and Grant in continuing charge as the VPs of the organization after Keith had left the work. To decide what is happening, Mike and Grant should chip away at their capacities and endeavor to oblige all of the suspicions. They ought to chip away at their correspondence and co-arrangement capacities with various delegates and heads of the association….

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