Nissan’s U-Turn: 1999-2001 – Condensed Version of Redesigning Nissan (A&B) Award winner Prize Winner Case Solution

This case is about Accounting and Control

published: 03 Jan 2003


When Renault sent out Carlos Ghosn to turn-around its alliance partner Nissan, observers were sceptical of his opportunities. Keep in mind that there are 2 variations of the case: ‘Redesigning Nissan (A) & (B)’ covers the characteristics of taking charge (case A) and the procedure of leading modification (case B). There is likewise a condensed and combined version of the cases: ‘Nissan’s U-Turn: 1999-2001’, for trainers wanting to cover the product in a single session.


Pedagogical Goals:

The cases raise a variety of styles to carry out with how an inbound leader develops reliability, develops a case for agonizing modification, collects assistance, offers constant and continuous interaction, offers development along with cuts, implements responsibility, determines development, and sustains momentum for modification.

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