Nine Dragons Case Solution & Answer

Nine Dragons  Case Solution

Other rule of thumb that the management of the company is using to pursue its goals is the belief in giving an opportunity to the young talent. This belief explains the company’s mode of managing its human resource. This approach is likely to help the company to retain the talents as well as employees to make the best use of the opportunity and show their capabilities. This approach also gives hopes to employees to work with the company by efficiently using their skills and knowledge. It is expected that by giving opportunities to its human resource, the company can empower its middle managers to make the decision by themselves,which in return would encourage the decision-making process among the employees. It can be considered that these approaches facilitate the company to maintain flexibility in the work environment, which in return provides better performance from employees. (143)

4. This case is about the women entrepreneur, Cheung Yan, which despite facing challenges became the successful entrepreneur. After analyzing this case study, it is consideredthat taking bold and risky decisions can sometimes lead towards success even for asmall firm. Her ambitions and goals ledher company to become a major rival for many other players in the market. Moreover, shehas led her family business to international level. Her leadership style and broad vision highlighted the way of doing successful business. By the use of experiences foresight and knowledge, she achieved the reputation for her company which shewished for. This case demonstrates that wealth should not be the perspective to do the business instead one should expect to grow theirbusiness. It is also emphasized that the opportunity should be identifiedin the given time in order to explore it in an efficient manner. (145)

5. Analysis of the Cheung Yan’s Narrative
The narrative she had about the company was that the decision should be made on time in order to get benefit from the given opportunity. Her belief that the market waits for no one provided the insight that one should focus on the environment to reap the opportunity, as the opportunities usually do not come every time therefore,in order to be successful, risk should be taken. In order todo a successful business, risks and the quickdecisions should be made. In business environment, market opportunities usually last for a short period of time therefore, in order to become a strongcompetitor, a company should utilize the opportunities rather than wait for it. If the company misses the opportunity, then it might restrict the company from growing further. She emphasized on taking urgent and bold decisions as she did about going to the U.S., which proved to be beneficial for her. The business environment is highly diverse as competitors are in search for utilizing various business opportunities before others. Therefore, in orderto remain competitive, the company should make the best use of available resources in order toreap the given opportunity from the environment.
The decision should be made on time as urgent decision making is necessary for conducting a successfulbusiness. In order toget the best from the opportunities, it should be noted that right tactics should be used on the right time to pursue further. Often several chances for the growth of business involve high risks, and companies therefore do not prefer to pursue them. Rather it could be said that taking risks leads to higher profits. (258)

7. The market has become highly competitive and advanced as many small and big players are entering in the market targeting every segment. Nine Dragon, therefore, should make strategic implications in order to remain competitive. First of all, it should focus to maximize its capabilities. As the competition is high in the market, therefore, Nine Dragon should strengthen the factors where it has advantage so as to compete in future. In the future, it should introduce new innovative technology before the competitors as it is capable of doing so……………

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