Next Generation Identification: FBI, ICE DatabasesExpand and Join Forces Case Solution & Answer

Next Generation Identification: FBI, ICE DatabasesExpand and Join Forces Case Solution 

The second problem with the implementation of the database was that the data FBI contain deals in millions hence; the data can be lost by the FBI database. The third issue is that the citizens can face difficulty in identification if their data has been changed. Moreover, the citizens would have to renew all over their data in FBI database.

However, FBI and ICE defended the database and its implementation. They guaranteed people that the implementation of the FBI will remain restricted to the criminals and are the residence of the country illegally. Furthermore, they have ensured that the rights of the citizens will be respected and it will be madesure by the civil right activities.

Fact for the database implementation involves the statistical data that can be obtained after its implementation. The data will thus, presentactual side of the success and benefits by the FBI database.

Hence, the strongest argument articulated through the study is that the fact-based argument is the best argument as it includes the strength of the statistical factswhichwill be revealed after the analysis of database implementation advantages.

Question No. 3

Answer No. 3

Reliability of biometric systems

            The reliability of biometric system would become the victim of ambiguity if it will lead the innocent people to get arrested. The accuracy of the database is the hurdle in implementing the system. Moreover, other reason can be the aging of people, weight loss, permanent disability and injury. With the passage of time, many factors can be raised which will cause innocent people to be the victims of the FBI implementation.

The second hindrance in meeting the objectives of FBI database is that if the innocent people will be recognized by the biometrics, and the FBI will be engaged in resolving the issue of the people that whether they are innocent or not. Hence, it will take extra effort and time by the FBI. Nonetheless, it will give the advantage to the real target and the criminals will be able to escape easily. Hence, the implementation of biometric will fail.


There are many demerits inherent to the implementation of the FBI database system. Thus, the FBI needs to concentrate on these blockages to the database aim:

As the difference with the aging factors, weight loss, permanent disability or injury can cause the database system to identify innocent people as the criminal therefore, there is a need for the proper channel in order to resolve the inaccuracy and auto updating of the variables.

The recognition of innocent people will divert the focus of FBI from original criminal to the innocent people who will be arrested. Hence, the FBI will not be able to detect the real criminals. The human force, thus, should be appropriately designed……………..

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