NewGrade Energy Inc. Case Solution

In April 2007, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CEO) of the Superior Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC) face a difficult decision. CIC was considering the sale of 50 percent interest in heavy oil upgrading plant and wanted an evaluation of the value of the company. To obtain a reasonable estimate, the Director-General had appointed an independent consultant with experience in the industry for comment. In addition to receiving an estimate of the value (based on the methods of cash flow, comparable and previous operations), the CEO also had to develop a strategy for the sale of the company.
James E. Hatch
Saqib Khan
Source: Ivey Publishing
12 pages.
Date Posted: March 11, 2009. Prod #: 909N07-PDF-ENG
NewGrade Energy Inc. Case Solution

NewGrade Energy Inc. Case Solution
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