New Product Launch Case Solution & Answer

New Product Launch Case Solution

There are the examples of problem identification for the new products.

Resting hands while reading

People sometimes have difficulty in holding a book in their hand. For example, when they want to rest in the garden while resting the book on the table or when they go for outing at a place and get tired of holding books in their hands. From these examples, it can be understood that something that can help people in holding books or rest their hands while reading, would be a convenient product and help the customer remain calm when confronted by the situations mentioned above.

Furthermore, their need can lead towards discovery of the solution to the problem. There is the gap that can be fulfilled by providing some convenience to people who want to rest their arms. Once the problem is identified about the product or in innovation of a product, a market research can be initialized for the purpose of launching a different product. A survey can be conducted in this regard, more options can be gathered with variety of opinions. People would feel good in responding for their own convenience, they would like take part in innovations and modifying existing products in the market.

Outing at beach

When people go for outing, they need to get all facilities that they find at their home. Especially youngsters want to get a comfortable place to for both fun and rest. They need to have couches in their camp; they want food and beverages all at the place. Sports items are necessary for youngsters when they go for outing. In addition to this, some people indulge in the arts to enhance the ambience; whether through making musical arrangements, or by reading in nature.

            However, it becomes very difficult for groups to decide about the place where they have a safe, calm, and clean environment for their get together. Most people like to make their trips on the beech but they hesitate when they think about the sand near it. Stormy winds make the camps dirty and the people get irritated with the environment at such places. Therefore, it is apparent that such problems can lead towards technological advancements, that relieve people from the aforesaid inconveniences.

Healthy juices

Due to increase in awareness about health, people are getting conscious about their food intake. They think carefully about managing their food and critically examine advantages and disadvantages of the food or beverages they eat, since they do not want to suffer hazardous diseases in future. This consciousness can also be observed through their buying behavior. For instance, they do not want to take some artificially developed juices, rather prefer homemade juices.

However, aged people are likely to be more conscious about maintenance of their health. They prefer to make juices at home or if they need to buy it, then they seek for a healthier option available. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to choose an original fruit juices outside their home.

Success of the product heavily depends upon the appropriate identification of the problem. If the needs of the customers can be evaluated accurately and the product manufacturer is able to implement the project in accordance with the assessment of market research, then there is nothing that can be an obstacle to the success of the product. However, wrong identification of the need would lead towards the failure of the products and the customers would not appreciate the sales.

Solution to the Problems

It is also necessary for the project of product launch that the solution provided in the new product would be in accordance with the features required by customers. If the features would be according to the need of consumers, then consumers will be satisfied…………………

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