NetGuardians: Beating Fraud From the Inside Case Solution

In 2014 around $67 billion was exhausted due to banking fraud, 70% of it dedicated by staff members inside the business. In 2015 the business was called a Gartner Cool Vendor, an around the world market acknowledgment for business that use innovations or services that are ingenious, interesting and impactful. (ii) In the 9 years considering that they had actually established their business, Joël and Raffael had actually raised $6 billion in 2 rounds of financing.

The business used around 30 individuals in R&D workplaces in Kenya, Singapore and Poland. (iii) Now it was time for NetGuardians to deal with some crucial tactical choices: Should the business broaden to other markets? (iv) Whatever the choice, it would lead to a modification in company design that would have a substantial effect on the business.

This case is about ETHICS

PUBLICATION DATE: August 31, 2016

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