Netflix Case Solution

Netflix, Reed Hastings, founded with a vision of offering a home movie that would do a better job of customer satisfaction that the model of traditional retail rental. But as challenges encouraged underwent several major changes in strategy, ultimately developing a business model and an operational strategy that was very damaging to retail video rental chains. The combination of a large national inventory, a recommendation system that took the audience through the vast catalog and a wide customer base made Netflix a force to be reckoned with, especially as a distribution channel and the low profile independent films. Blockbuster, the largest rental company video detail of the nation, was initially slow to respond, but eventually deployed a hybrid form minor response / online from Blockbuster Online. Aggressive pricing pulled in subscribers, but at a price much and Netflix. However, a new challenge on the horizon: the video-on-demand. How Netflix should respond?
Willy Shih,
Stephen P. Kaufman,
David Spinola
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
15 pages.
May 31 2007: release date. Prod #: 607138-PDF-ENG
Netflix Case Solution

Netflix Case Solution
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