Netafim: Migrating from Products to Solutions Case Solution

In 2005, Erez Meltzer, president and CEO of Netafim (the world’s leading manufacturer of drip irrigation equipment), wondered if the supply chain Netafim was strong enough to support the change in strategy that plans for the company: migration of selling products to selling solutions. When Meltzer came into office three years ago, the company has been struggling with stagnant sales, supply chain out of date, and no global synergies. In just three years, Meltzer return to the company he restructured its supply chain, and has revitalized its growth. The question was whether the supply chain of new restructured support the new strategy – that require new skills related to the organization of the supply chain.
Hau Lee,
Chico Michlin
Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business
22 pages.
Date Posted: February 17, 2006. Prod #: GS46-PDF-ENG
Netafim: Case Solutions migration products solutions

Netafim: Migrating from Products to Solutions Case Solution
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