IMD-5-0715 © 2008
Kamran; Kashini, Rebecca, Chung

Part of a case series on advertising initiation, the Nescafe Café a la Carte exemplifies turned in one of its key European markets around its stagnant soluble coffee company. The promotion team, equipped with local consumer research, repeated a successful product launch from another marketplace. Once they reached success here, they created a fresh sub- an advanced packaging and brand to go with it. The sub-brand strategy was vetoed by the top management. But the direction’s opposition was eventually overcome by the local advertising team by not and confidently asserting for their strategy choosing “no” for a solution. The case depicts a chain of little-measure innovations can result in a large consequences.

Nescafé Café À La Carte Case Solution

Subjects: Marketing renovation; Marketing innovation; Innovative marketing solutions; Brand management; Product launch.

Settings: Food; Holland; Coffee; Beverages; Employees: 276,050; Nestlé 2007 Sales: CHF 107.6 billion; 1990-2006

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