Negotiating Social Value – Crisis at Fuel Safe (A): OILCO Confidential Instructions -Joe Jardine, Procurement Director Case Solution

This Case is about Regions

published: 29 Apr 2013

In this kind of two-party arrangement, a huge oil firm charges a social endeavor provider of overcharging and endangers to take its service to lower price for-profit rivals. The two events have to revive their joint connection and re-establish the industrial reasoning to continue interacting. The situation designates the oil business in a vigorous duty and places the social business owners on the defensive to appear the stereotypes in the connection. Determining social worth– How to determine the intangible addition of a social endeavor? Partisan understandings– What understanding for-profit and social endeavor workers have of each various other? Social value as an affordable benefit– Besides determining social value, how to utilize it as an affordable benefit from for-profit rivals.

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