Nancheng Glass Works (A) Case Solution

This Case is about Manufacturing

published: 01 Apr 2003

From the viewpoint of a senior Chinese supervisor, Case (A) indications the record of Nancheng Glass Works, a regional state-owned business in China that has actually gone with remarkable modifications because economical reforms started in 1980, till the latest accomplishment of a managing risk by a Filipino corporation. Workers were at very first confident as the brand-new basic supervisor from the Philippines revealed a variety of modifications he wished to present to alter the company culture, boost and enhance the business efficiency. The truth that adhered to was rather various from their preliminary hopes, and also the Chinese supervisor needs to aim to describe the regional workers ‘ perspective to the Filipino business manager. Trainees evaluate the difficulties to moving company culture throughout company and nationwide borders. In Situation (A), they need to think about choices for the neighborhood supervisor to discuss to the migrant supervisor why adjustments launched are not having grasp as he had actually anticipated.

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