Montague Corporation: Unfolding the Future in Cycling Case Solution

Montague has developed an important innovation that creates a new subcategory in the bicycle industry: full-size bike that folds high quality. Unlike folding bikes existing small wheels that are portable, but with lower performance characteristics, Montague folding bike has the look, feel and performance of a standard bicycle. However, while the company has achieved remarkable success since its foundation, has not yet reached widespread adoption of innovation. What the company has to do to increase penetration? How can you overcome the folding Montague reputation as inferior artists and convince consumers, distributors and other quality of their bikes? How can the company get consumers to notice innovation, even when you see the bike as a normal bike? In other words, how can Montague balance between the need to be seen as a normal bike to achieve legitimacy and the need to report different value consultant? What is the market segment should be directed Montague – clients looking specifically for a folding bike, or consumers interested in a normal size bike, but for which the folding function can add value? Finally, information Montague license its technology to a leading manufacturer of traditional bikes to increase adoption regarding continue to go alone in the market for a product?
Marie Tripsas
Source: Harvard Business School
21 pages.
Date Posted: December 4, 2007. Prod #: 808087-PDF-ENG
Montague Corporation: Holding the future if the solution Cycling

Montague Corporation: Unfolding the Future in Cycling Case Solution
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