MOD Pizza: A Winning Recipe Case Solution & Answer

MOD Pizza: A Winning Recipe  Case Solution

Swot Analysis


The biggest advantage of MOD pizza was its strong culture having employee benefits and granting the autonomy to move. However, the other significant strengths wereit’s aggressive marketing the selected area of business and to act the business in the series of stores rather than the chains. Which would allow expanding the business in the new outlet design and extra services, it would also be different from the previous stores and tend to increase the level of series with the various features within MOD Pizza.


Whatever the strength showed its consistency in the course of action, some weaknesses also highlighted from the selected sources of strength for the company. The first gap was holding the high culture in the future because the business determined extraordinary growth in the recent years, which shows that the scale of culture might hurt because of over hiring the staff quickly that could damage the proper hiring of peoples in a steady pace.

The other weakness was the freedom of employees to provide the services in their way; it would also damage the company’s reputation over the rules and regulations and not allowing MOD Pizza to handle if the consequences would be high and unable to control in the future.


While there are some opportunities for MOD to expand the business operations into different regions of the country. The Gruella marketing and act the new stores as series of MOD could benefit the entire operations because, in the case of series stores, the management would be performed as decentralized towards its goals and to handle all the pressure in an individual manner rather than acted in a standard business unit.

The other opportunities are to look for the places where the demand of casual fast food chain was weak and target the rural areas to offer low price foods in order to take first mover advantage. While the proposed plan of Scott and Ally could be another opportunity to retain in the next ten years of period to (or “intending to”) making the restaurant a publicly traded fast food chain through an Initial public offering


As the casual fast food chain was growing rapidly across the country, so there was always a threat of new entrants into the market, who would act like the fierce competitor for MOD Pizza. The other treat was the negative intentions of employees towards the restaurant because they had already given the freedom of their decisions.

Another factor of employee retention and quickly hiring could damage the overall company’s performance. For example, if the employees were studying in a particular university or any other institution and they left the organization to move forward for the bright career after the completion of the degree then this would decrease the level of employment within the company.

The emergence of the new entrants would affect the operations of the business because it might offer more attractive facilities and services as compared to MOD Pizza. Therefore, these two threats could be severe for the company to control and might damage the sales volume shortly.

Michael Porter’s five forces

Bargaining Power of Buyer-High

Whatever the current market situation shows that there was the extremely high power of buyer to shift into another brand because Pizza was the most common food within the United States. Therefore, it has been determined that MD Pizza would have the threat for unable to retain the customers if another brand would attract for high facilities and taste as compared to MD Pizza……………..

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