MMA 801  Introduction to Management Case Solution

DELTA Framework Categories:

There are three categories for delta management which are DELTA Basic, DELTA Intermediate and DELTA Advanced. DELTA Basic is an analytical challenge that has the characteristics related to organizational culture, organizational value chain analysis, analytics to gain competitive advantage over competitors and management support. DELTA Intermediary involves an analytical practitioner that does analysis related to organizational products and its life cycle stages, and analysis of communication and dissemination information across organization. DELTA Advanced involves analytical innovators that perform analysis on organization’s new product development, market penetration and market development.

Assessment of Organization as Analytically Challenged:

Competitive advantage over competitors provides great customer value that can be in the form of lower prices or by providing additional and extra services to its customers that ultimately increases their satisfaction level which will further help to create a unique value proposition for the company in the minds of customers that leads to high market share ultimately resulting in the generation of more revenues and profits.

Porter’s Generic strategies are used to get competitive advantage by either making the narrow focus or broad focus strategies in order to cut its production costs and make product differentiation strategies. Customers want exceptional speed, affordability and precision. In order to satisfy the customers’ needs, organization Adesa should implement some strategies in its organizational culture, supply chain, production and innovation environment.

Environment of car industry is now changing dramatically leading to the manufacture of eco-friendly, green and clean environment vehicles. Aim of these vehicle production is to manufacture such vehicles which will be less harmful for environment by running the car engines on low oil, gasoline or diesel consumption per mile. Also, these green environmental or environment friendly vehicles will be powered by alternative of fuel and replaced by electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Hybrid and electrical vehicles are fuel effective as well as cost effective that will reduce carbon emissions and contribute to sustainable polluted free environment by reducing air pollution and green-house gas emissions.

By addressing the future needs of the organization in order to get competitive advantage and the position of market leader, organization Adesa should invent some new products that would help to satisfy the needs and wants of car buyer customers. For this purpose, Adesa should introduce environment friendly vehicles that will resolve the customers’ problems and help to satisfy their existing and potential needs and wants.

Concept of Total Quality Management (TQM) is rapidly implemented in number of the US organizations that manage the quality and cost effectiveness of manufactured products before delivering them to ultimate users. (Jagur, 2019).

Currently in the US market, there is a great opportunity for Chinese auto motor market because customers want affordable vehicles and it is possible through economies of scale concept. As Chinese market has highest number of population that requires more products to be manufactured and services to be provided that will lead to a cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Currently, distribution channel of ADESA shows 50% sales through online channel and remaining sales coming from other distribution channels. Even though many of the vehicles are sold through those channels in which physical auction lanes are not performed.

For this purpose, proper implementation of physical auction lanes should be incorporated in the organization. These implementations will help to make proper vehicle sales that would reduce the presence of any potential error and defect in vehicles after delivering it to its ultimate users. This implementations carry the potential of reducing the sales return that impact negatively in organizational performance.

Apart from all, the organizational environment is dependent upon the behaviors of managers and supervisors with their workers. If workers feel happy and satisfied with their job, it will ultimately result in 100% output that will increase the customers’ loyalty for the organization and its products and services. Happy employees make customers feel happy while unhappy and unsatisfied employees make customers feel unhappy which no doubt, is a negative sign for the organization…………..


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