Millenium Valve Project Case Solution & Answer

Millenium Valve Project Case Solution

The Millennium valve project has come with a regretful experience to the Pointp that can never be undone by President Ulrich Fitch. However, the company should move on the development of the project, as it has already wasted much of Pointp’s time. The company should have launched the new product immediately and should have done research of the market before the introduction of the product.

The Short-term objectives of Pointp should include the launch of the product that cannot be done with unsatisfied employees. Ulrich Fitch should evolve the confidence of his employees and approach them to take part in the success of the project. Ulrich Fitch should adapt rewarding and motivational leadership style in order to get the employees back to the same efficiency and productivity level.

The Company should focus on the post-appraisal report of the report in order find whether the model has the proposed requirements for the market or not. The company should also introduce marketing campaigns for the success of the product and feature all the core competency of the design of the Valve.

The long-term objective of Pointp includes becoming a market leader and gain maximum share for the valve replacement market. The gaining of the maximum share will generate maximum revenues for the company and result in the maximum profit to Pointp products. The market leader should have a low price product that can be achieved by the achievement of the economies of the scale. The company should give its maximum in order to achieve the maximum possible orders from the total demand of 1 million replacement valves.

In order to achieve the short term and long term objectives of the company, the short term, and long term implementation plan has been made. The attainment of short-term objectives will only be possible by the retention of satisfaction of the employees. The employees have lost the trust in the president, Ulrich Fitch. Ulrich Fitch should not interfere with the operations of the current valves products and introduce a new line of replacement valves.

Short-term implementation plan includes the following steps and needs to be taken for the achievement of objective of the Pointp Products:

  • The first step for the implementation should include the rewarding and motivational leadership style adaption by Ulrich Fitch.
  • The company should then introduce the training sessions for employees in order to change their attitude towards the new product.
  • The design of the new Valve should include market requirements mentioned in the proposal.
  • The design of the valve should be easy to install design with the easy to access design.
  • The Valve should be checked for the tests of the water level maintained with different pressures and should be easily access to change the water level accordingly.
  • All the process should be for the market requirements and should be done by the Research and Development team.
  • Ulrich Fitch should ask all the employees for their suggestions with respect to changes in the design since that will develop their interest in the product design.
  • Throughout the process of the implementation, Ulrich Fitch should make different tasks and goals, which will be helpful in attaining the objective of the Company.
  • Ulrich Fitch should be keen on rewarding employees for their efforts as that will motivate them and increase their productivity.
  • The tasks and goals made by Ulrich Fitch and managers should be assigned to the employees, as that will increase their sense of responsibility towards the success of the product………………………………                                                                                                         This is just a sample partial work. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution

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