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The company also provides training to its employees through that the company trained it customers about the customs and laws of the international market which helps the company in achieving success in the overseas market. On the other hand, the managers provide the employees an in-depth knowledge of the local markets as well as provide communication of local needs and strategic information to headquarter that help the employees in coordinating and controlling the operations and the dispersed activities. The Microsoft overseas managers also help their employees in acquiring the international skills as well as to get to know better about the cultural and economic differences of the organization.

Specialized skill every international business manager needs

In today’s business dynamics, the directors of the international companies will utilize the various skills that help the company’s in drawing upon his or her graphs in the industry and standard best practices, diplomacy, cultural awareness, outstanding negotiation skill and sharp communication. Most of the managers of the companies believed that the learning skills and capabilities are the real assets of the managers that they used in order to manage the problems of the foreign market as well as working for international concern. Microsoft has adopted the three most important skills in its business which arediscussed as under:

Cultural Sensitivity

The manager of the Microsoft knows that by adopting different cultures; the company would enhance its personal and business growth.  Moreover, it is necessary for the manager to adopt the cultural differences efficiently as they would lead the company to achieve its strategic goals as well as impact the relationship of the businesses. However, it is also necessary for the managers to actively appreciate and respect the cultures of other countries as they play a significant role in the success of the businesses as well as understand that how the culture of the companies impact the business relationships. Therefore, Microsoft gives more importance to the cultural values of the company as they believed that if the company better understand the norms and values of other company, then the chance of success will be higher for the company.


The successful managers should be able to speak in more than one language. Moreover, the manager also needs to have good communication skill in English and must have the ability to speak in front of the peoples in a more confident manner. However, the company believed that it is necessary for the managers to communicate in simple words so that the non-speaker can easily understand the concept and comprehend clearly.

The international managers should have the ability to understand better the opportunities of the international markets so that they would be able to maintain its successful position in the overseas market as well as gain the maximum market share in the industry as compared to its competitors. The manager also needs to understand better the global management philosophy of the company as it would help the company in better understanding the standards of its services as well as to respond changes in a sometimes unstable multinational market.


The company uses International staffing process for hiring employees worldwide however a company does it when it wants to expand to the international level or to enter into a new market outside its home country. Moreover, the company used many different modes in order to engage in the new market segment. In addition to this, the company used joint venture, franchising and licensing, etc for entry into the international market……………..

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