MGMT E-4240 Spring 2016 Final Exam Case Solution & Answer

MGMT E-4240 Spring 2016 Final Exam Case Solution

i.            Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley was founded in 1935 in New York City, New York. It has progressed with the best practices of human resource. Although, it would also get some challenges in the challenges in its HR management. Firstly, the company would get a high turnover due to favoritism in the organization. Secondly, a culture of the corporate can be affected by lack of training programs in the company.

Solution to the problems

Morgan Stanley can retain its employees by reducing favoritism in the organization. Moreover, there is a wide scope for the company to train its employees, which can enhance and regulate the organizational culture.

Hurdle to adopt changes

MSD will not concern about the recruitment of its own employees. However, new strategies for recruitment can resolve this issue.

Morgan Stanley has to take a huge step in order to reduce favoritism from the organization. There is concern of the top management that it is involved in favoritism. Hence, the system entirely would have to amend.

 Question # 3

Our Vision

In order to enhance creativity among kids, we want to generate new ideas in the games of children. We want to make their brain sharp in the real life through development of virtual games. We are customer-oriented as well as employee-oriented company.  We strive to please our internal and external customer both with our services.


The vision of the company comprises of advancement to kids’ games. The company thus, originates ideas in order to develop innovations in the product. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the company to please its customers with the creativity of its design. Hence, the company develops games that are very close to real world; for example snooker, and football. Furthermore, when the kids use their brain to succeed in the games, they utilize their brain and get sharper ideas to achieve their goals. Hence, it benefits the children alongside excitement.

Nonetheless, our company not only takes care of our external customer (consumers) but it also accommodates facilities to its employees as well. The company hence, achieves the satisfaction of its employees too. The employees of the company are only responsible for the quality of the product. From the research & development department to the sales department, every employee makes effort for the company because it is committed to the company.

Value statement

We value commitment of our products in the form of quality, participation, and openness.

Commitment: Our products should never disappoint our customers. Quality: Quality is the major component of our product. Participation: Despite the supervision of quality product, our company always welcomes feedback from our customers. We take complaints seriously and support the participation of the customers.

Openness: The environment of the organization is very collaborative. We make efforts to regulate a culture involving teamwork.

Compensation Plan

Below is the compensation plan for the employees and managers of the company.

The company wants to satisfy its employees. Hence, it provides compensation to its employees on monthly basis. This provides credibility to the environment of the organization. Moreover, employees remain satisfied when they get recognition for their work.

There are four departments that are currently working for the company. First one is, research and development that is working for conducting research for things that interest children. It also tests the designs of prototypes among children. It includes 20 employees who work under 2 supervisors……………..

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