Memorandum Case Solution & Answer

Memorandum Case Solution

I am writing this memorandum to inform the management about my security analysis of the new technology. In this memorandum, I will be explaining the risks that blazer Inc. is facing while adopting the new technology. Further, I will discuss the possible methods that Blazer Inc. can use to mitigate these risks then I will be proceeding to evaluate the risks. Further, based on my evaluation; I would talk about the benefits of IoB and I will give my opinion on whether Blazer Inc. should adopt this technology or not.

To analyze the risks being posed to the company while adopting the Internet of behavior; I have used the Delphi method. The risks that are associated with the adoption of Internet of Behavior leads to a few issues of data exploitation of individual.  Internet of behavior uses the internet of thing or the devices, which use sensors to read and collect the data of individual behavioral patterns. The biggest risk is to maintain the privacy of individuals, because the behaviors of individuals and their data is very sensitive and the organization must have sufficient security measures in place to protect that data. The Internet of behavior data is an opportunity for the cybercriminals to access the sensitive data and use the individual’s behavioral patterns to use against the individuals. These cyber criminals access that data and use these information for various illegal activities, i.e. money laundering, frauds, scams, identity theft and the list goes on.

So, to analyze these risks; I used Delphi techniques. The Delphi method is a process of dragging the conclusions or opinion through the panel expert’s survey. In this method; the groups of the experts hand over the questionnaire in rounds and in the last the results are shared with the group members. In this method, the experts share their views and opinions on the forecast and any risk and they also submit their estimations to the analyst, for further review before concluding a final report.

Delphi method is considered as an effective method to evaluate the risks associated with the internet of behavior. Delphi method basically contains three rounds, in subsequent round and subsequent round. These rounds use participants to analyze any particular issue and concludes the answers. The participants are basically the experts who have enough knowledge of that particular subject. The participants are selected through non-random sampling. It uses surveys from the participants to analyze the data, to conclude the answer of the question.

Further, this method allows the analyst to use the committee without creating big hassle, i.e. scheduling of the meeting, traveling and any long hours of discussion. This method uses the anonymous responses, which reduces the risk of bias in the whole process and none ofthe personal factor affects the decision making of the analyst. It also decreases the chances of dominancy of any individual expert.It also decreases the pressure over the peers to accept what they are saying. And it generates neutral and genuine responses from the experts.  Along with that, to analyze the responses; the analyst uses same benchmarks and weighs them equally, which creates bias free result. The Delphi Process allows the experts to give limited and to-the-point views, which decreases the chances of noise.Further refer to appendix 1.

No doubt there are few drawbacks of Delphi technique as we can say that the advantages are more credible enough to consider this method. Few disadvantages include more clarity in the process for experts. The continuous interest and commitment form the experts are important elements in this process. There is no room for the experts to elaborate their views, and this thing sometimes limits the process. Further, the conclusion from the analysis does not always mean that the conclusion is correct. Sometimes there are chances of errors in this method.(Dufresne, 2017)

As a security analyst; I have used Delphi technique to collect the opinions of experts on the adoption of IoB and what are the possible risks that are associated with this technology. Further, I have analyzed that the benefits of the IoBare enough to ignore the risks associated with these technologies.I have also evaluated the possible ways which Blazer Inc. can use to mitigate these risks……………………….

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