Medtronic plc Case Solution & Answer

Medtronic plc Case Solution

The figure 1 above shows the stock returns of Land Securities Group PLC from the 1st January 2015 to the 31 December 2015. The figure 2 has the market returns (FTSE-100) from the 1st of January 2015 to the 31st of the December 2015. In the end, the comparison of the two stock returns is shown in the figure 3. The green line discloses the stock returns of the Land Securities Group PLC and the FTSE-100 stock returns are shown in the blue line.

Descriptive Statistics:

The descriptive statistics is the set of figures that are calculated in order to represent a sample size or the whole population. These figures are also used to calculate the central tendency and the points of dispersion or the variability in the given data set. The Mean median mode are concluded as the Centre of Tendency.The Dispersion points are Standard Deviation, Variance, Range, Minimum, and Maximum.

The Descriptive Statistics of FTSE-100 are also calculated in order to compare the performance of the Land Securities Group PLC and their contribution to the stock market. The descriptive Statistics include the mean, median, mode, variance, maximum, minimum,  range,  standard deviation, covariance, correlation, beta,and the standard error. The Descriptive Statistics are calculated with the help of Excel analysis tools and in order to have the accurate figure, the Coefficients of the Descriptive Statistics are manually calculated.To see the impact of the Return of the Land Securities Group PLC on the FTSE-100 returns in the end, regression analysis has been done.


The mean of the all returns of the Land Securities Group PLCin the year 2015 are actually average of the returns preceding in the year 2015. The mean return is also known as the expected return of investing in the Land Securities Group PLC. The expected return from the investment in the stocks of Land Securities Group PLC is extracted from the data that is 0.017 percent while the expected return from the stock price of the FTSE-100 is in negative of 0.013 percent. The expected return from the Land Securities Group PLC is very less, even less than the risk free rate.


Median is known for the estimation of the middle value in the data, the median in this case is the middle value of the returns from the stock price of Land Securities Group PLC and that is compared with the median of the stock return of FTSE-100. The median of Land Securities Group PLC is 0 and the median of FTSE-100 is 0.0002488. Mode of both the returns is calculated as zero. Mode is the value or the stock return that is observed in the observations more than any other observation. This mode value reflects the investors gain zero returns from their investment most of the time.

Variance and Standard Deviation:

The standard deviation and the variance are used to identify the dispersion in the observations from their mean. The Standard Deviation and the variance in the returns of Land Securities Group PLC identify the volatility present in the returns. The Standard deviation and the variance of the Land Securities Group PLCare 0.01292 and 0.0001665. Both coefficients are calculated by using the simple formulas of Standard Deviation and the Variance. The formula for the Standard Deviation is Stdev (range) and for the Var (range) for the variance. These coefficients disclose volatility in the daily returns of Land Securities Group PLC………………

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