There has been a debate going around the legalization of medical marijuana. Some people consider that it should not be legalized as the chances for its abuse will be increased. Some people say that it must be legalized provided with the rules and regulations regarding its usage.

My stance is thatgiven the strict conditions, it should be legalized for medical purposes. According to the Pennsylvania Act of 2016, the confidentiality of the program and its legal and illegal uses has been defined. The law states that the patients who are prescribed for medical marijuana and the physician who prescribes should be registered confidentially. The confidentiality and record of practitioner will restrict others to use marijuana. According to law, the unregistered practitioner without any cause cannot use marijuana. We can track the sales of marijuana including the seller and purchaser as according to law only medically prescribed patients can purchase medical marijuana. The law also indicates the form of provision of marijuana; it can only be provided in the form of oil, pill and gel etc., which reduces the chances of its abuse significantly. The law restricts the provision of marijuana to patient or practitioner in its raw form in any situation. The unlawful use of marijuana includes the ban on smoke of medical marijuana so one cannot get addicted to it. Not only to the secondary consumers and purchasers but the law states rules against the producer of marijuana;it states that only licensed producers can cultivate medical marijuana.

According to the law, only producers and dispensaries are authorized to provide medical marijuana and no one other than these entities can provide the drug. The quantity of medical marijuana should be recorded so that no one can use it illegally. In this way, black listed enterprises will be blocked from doingillegal activities regarding marijuana.

The license process will include so many formalities and documentations to make sure to have each and every detail about the practitioner. When the permit will be issued, the department will consider the population of that particular region, number of people living there and suffering from serious disease, types of serious diseases prevailing in that region and any other information the department considers to be of importance.

The article provides in law that any theft of medical marijuana being reported within 24 hours to the concerned department will reduce the chance of its usage by thieves. Despite the registration of the practitioner and the patient, marijuana can still be used illegally after being stolen. So, this article will resist the chances of marijuana being stolen.

One more thing about the permit is that it is renewable and it must be renewed after every one year so that the department can stay updated about the real owner of the permit.

The prior convictions cannot be associated with the medical marijuana organizations to ensure the legal use of medical marijuana. Not only this, if the marijuana organizations are found to be associated with previous convictions or fail to control the diversion or prevalence of marijuana, then its license will be cancelled………………….

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