Medical Dissertation Article Case Solution & Answer

Medical Dissertation Article Case Solution

It has also been analyzed that in the past couple of years, paper-based research methods were used to obtain the results and thus, the outcome showed that these researches were only based on the recent environment and not looked towards the future impact. Therefore,with the increase in technology in the world, the pressure increased in every industry regarding the use of the technology to survive within a given environment otherwise it would be failed. Therefore, it is concluded that going with the changing technology is the only way to survive within a given environment and for that, a critical research will be required to set the standard of the industry in the growing phase.

On the other hand,it has been found that many researchers are still not focusing on the implementation of the new technology because there is always a risk of assessing the new way to use the business operations. Therefore,they will prefer the old ways to generate outcome by providing paper-based researches to follow the same sequence as in the past.

Thus, certain debate has pushed the students to increase the awareness of implementing the new ways to generate outcomes that will have better results as compared to the past ones. On the use of new technology, it is identified that medical informatics covered various complex tools that would be implemented for different medical instruments, but the problem is the complex data required to generate the results.

Therefore,this shows that more diversified research techniques would be implemented in order to find out the accuracy of the results and for that, many new researchers are still in the phase of developing the new ways to perform the research analysis. Therefore,it is concluded that with all these opportunities and issues in the medical research, itis now the time when the new people will consider a new trend to provide a better opportunity for the industry to increase the growth and to sustain the business in the given environment by applying new techniques in order to survive in an economy.

Modern era of medical informatics

It has been analyzed that with sudden changes in the trends of the medical industry, more use of technology is encouraged in order to survive in the environment and looking for better results in the future regarding the consistency of the applied results. Therefore,this shows that there are numerous areas of medical industry where there is a need to research in order to expand the business operations and to increase the growth in the given environment.

Industry analysis

It is also determined that with an increasing number of competition, every industry is going through intense competition, and therefore applying various research and development activities in order to stand in competitive position. The same case is for the medical industry, where there are various players who will like to stand in the same position to become a leader in the market.

In the process to comply with the position, the main role is performing by the specific research and development department. Thus, it identified that research in every industry is the most important tool to increase the market competitiveness. However, in the medical industry, there are only a few players in the market, which hold the strong position from the past couple of years due to their strong research and development departments.

Thus, it shows that the new entry in this industry will need help from the researchers as they will be unable to bear the cost of research and development and thus, they will require independent researchers, which would generate the outcome, which would help them to increase their growth in order to compete with others. This point illustrates as to how the medical dissertation is the most important part to utilize within a certain market level. These new researches will help the new players to stand quickly in the given market. Also, this would also help the existing players to improve the performance to stand in the position effectively………….

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