Med-net. Com Confronts “Click-Through” Competition Case Solution & Answer

Med-net. Com Confronts “Click-Through” Competition Case Solution

Question 1

All three measures including sales, leads and awareness, are desirable to an advertiser. It is because of the fact that sales are a source of revenue and it also leads to further sales. Similarly, the brand awareness helps the advertisers in creating the attention of the customers towards the brand. But, it totally depends upon the advertiser’s preferences or goals. In the short term, the advertiser may be focused on increasing the company’s sales and productivity(Ramendra, 2018). However, in a long term, the advertiser may be focused on creating the brand awareness and increasing the market share. Though all the terms are related but there are different metrics to measure each, such as:

  • The sales can be analyzed through the financial analysis and sales revenue differences. In addition, the return on investment can be calculated to measure the accurate sales’ impressions.
  • The key metrics for the leads include: impressions, CTR, and engagements, which would help the advertiser in targeting the customer base.
  • The brand awareness can be measured through market research and an in-depth survey.

Question 2

Basically, the advertiser’s intention is to promote its product and gain the consumer’s attention.The advertiser wants to increase the conversion rate. Advertisers want to achieve all from one campaign, i.e. increasing the sales, gaining the market share, and increasing the brand awareness. Advertisement sometimes focuses on long term goals, i.e. market share and brand awareness and sometimes it is focused on short term goals, i.e. sales and leads. Because it is easy to measure and monitor.  In the case context, it is about online advertisement, so the model will define if the results are according to advertisers and the results will be based on the visitors who are looking general health issues and information, consumers also want to explore the different alternatives for the already diagnosed health issues(Young, 2007). Along with that, the consumers are also looking forward to get information regarding the specific health issues.

Question 3

Yates’ argument was based on the fact that the impressions does have a strong positive and an assuring impact on the customers despite of their advertiser not being asoundmeasure of the product sales. She claimed that such positive impact about the advertiser creates a good sense about the company’s product, which ultimately lead towards the purchase of the product. Her argument was mostly focused on the trusted relationship between the customer and the advertiser.

The Med-net (niche website) or the Marvel (a general interest website), both provide benefits to the advertisers by offering different advertising outcomes.

The customers of niche website can be considered as the often-visiting customers, who visit the website whenever they are in a crisis. The customers usually visit the website for a great deal of time in order to search for the crisis being faced by them. These customers are prone to purchasing more products as they come with a real need. However, what if the products are not the physicians’ top recommend medication regarding the health problem? Yates can argue that the customers visiting the MedNet’s website are the crisis based customers………………..

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