Measuring Integration Case Solution & Answer

Measuring Integration Case Solution 

Audit of paid and owned messages

Paid Messages

Paid media includes advertisement, which is actually the act of placing the marketing messages of someone in exchange of payment. The paid media includes billboards, magazines, and point of sale displays. Whereas, the digital media outlets, other Wall Street journals, ads on social media, and paid media work are also the example of paid media. So, if the companies use these methods of advertisement then it is called paid advertisement and the messages which companies display or convey through these advertisement are called paid messages. Paid messages are those messages which the brands use in their advertisements, like the TVC’s and billboards which the brands use to convey the information to their consumers. It is necessary for the organization to communicate the right information to the consumers.

 Owned Messages

            Owned media is the advertisement tool that is directly controlled by the company. The Companies have direct access to that content which includes the website of the company, the retail store display, the messages app like emails, text messages and notifications. It is the messaging based advertisement and is considered as an effective way of advertisement in the long run.  The owned messages are those content that brands display on their websites, messages and the emails which the brands send to their customers in which they make sure to communicate all the necessary information regarding their products/services to the consumers.

Now, the point is how much these paid and owned messages are up to the mark. Do these brands communicate the same thing that they act?  Because these messages are like the promises and services that they offer in return to the amount paid by the consumers. So if there is any gap between what brands say and what they act, can lead to the deception. This is considered as an  ethical issue.

68% of the advertisement is wrong and deceptive which indicates that the claims which the brands make in their paid or owned messages are never 100% true. It always hurt the consumer’s expectations. If we count the bands, mostly the beauty products, and other health care products claim extravagant things. Brands are notorious for using tricks to justify their acts.

The messages that brands send to their consumers through the paid or owned messages contain one information, whereas it is necessary for the brands to understand if the message is consistent with what they want to say andif the consumers has perceived the message in the same way.  The analysis of what a company wants to communicate and what its consumers extract from that message, should be parallel and should meet the requirements. Actually this framework is very helpful for the brands to evaluate the results of their branding messages. It can become an ethical issue for the brands because the misconceptions can lead towards deceptive information, such as the provision of an incomplete information regarding the product’s description. Like billboards contain the main information in very small font size so that they do not attract the consumer’s attention. Mostly the telecommunication companies hide or do not mention the taxes applied to the services. These are just few examples of what brands say and what they do. The companies communicate with the consumers through these direct messages and these messages need to hold the accurate information. Whereas the brands do not comply with this requirement of the information transfer and the brands thatcarry out  fancy advertisement campaigns to increase their sales. There is always a difference between the products and the services as compared to what is advertised. There is no consistency among the brands and the messages they deliver to their customers.

 Social Media Listening Report of Earned Messages

Social media listening means to analyze the conversation and trends around the industry as a whole. It will help the particular industry in using those insights to make better marketing decisions.

This will help the industry in improving the marketing strategy, overcoming the competitive environment and developing the future campaigns and influence programs. This will also help the brands to build impactful brand partnerships…………………

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