MDCM Inc. (B): Strategic IT Portfolio Management Case Solution

“MDCM, Inc. (B): Strategic Portfolio Management” examines the stages of development of a portfolio of IT projects aligned with strategic business objectives. More specifically, if a situation in which a company has launched a transformation strategy described but has not yet developed a strategy of complementary IT. Students must choose the optimal portfolio of projects aligned with strategic objectives and define the overall project strategy. Projects have both risks and dependencies. MDCM USA, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of medical devices and the whole contract. During the past five years, SMSC had grown by more than twenty acquisitions of companies located outside the United States. This growth strategy has MDCM to better match services to their customers, who have become bigger and fuller. MDCM in (A), the IOC MDCM necessary to determine the strategy and objectives of the IT business. To do this, I had to make sure they were well aligned with the overall company strategy and new organization developed under an initiative called Horizon 2000. In a lecture before the event, students should be introduced in the context of asset management and how IT can help focus IT efforts. In MDCM (B), the IOC has conducted an audit and found twelve MDCM IT projects investment are potential candidates for the next three years. The challenge for the management team of the IT portfolio is to identify priorities and appropriate sequencing of these investments. The case assumes that students have knowledge of enterprise IT. More specifically, the case is scheduled for those who are or plan to become managers who handle the IT strategy and IT investment decisions, either directly or in a supervisory role. This case is the second in a series, the first is the case “MDCM, Inc. (A). Synchronization Strategy”
Mark Jeffery,
Joseph F. Norton,
Derek Yung
Source: Kellogg School of Management
8 pages.
Publication Date: January 1, 2006. Prod #: KEL172-PDF-ENG
MDCM, Inc. (B): Strategic Management Solution for IT portfolio

MDCM Inc. (B): Strategic IT Portfolio Management Case Solution
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