1-      M.D. Anderson considering a new endocrine center

The aim of the M.D Anderson is to bring prosperity to the society by eliminating the cancer disease particularly from taxes where it is originally developed.The mission of the healthcarecenter forces it to establish and advise such practices thatcould bring betterment in the society in terms of treating cancer.M.D Anderson analyzed different groundsof study and found the fragmentation of ideas which served no purpose and improvement tothecommunity. In such condition and circumstances, MD Anderson took a step forward by incorporating IPU in the system.The system entailsdifferent dimensions of the field expanded into adifferent direction to one integrated unit or department.

The consideration of MD Anderson is essential and in factgoodbecause it intakes the dominant perspective of doing good to patients by offering emotional, mental and physical aid, especially to the cancerpatients, whonot onlyface the illness but the social hindrance and resistance as well, which mostofthe time, is overlooked by the physicians and healthworker.The idea of thefirst Endocrine Center is robust and will offer great opportunities to MD Andersenregarding reputation, achievement of mission and sales.Moreover, it will help MD Anderson to play its part in bringing the wealth and prosperity in Texas by eliminatingcancer. Theprogram endocrine incorporates step by step treatment of ironic disease, which even includes the identification of the disease through research and libraryassistance. It also includes the training session which helps in enlighteningthepatient or ordinarypeople toquickly identify the systems which could help in initial detection of the disease. Furthermore, it also incorporates the socialandemotional uplift through motivationalsurvivor storyespecially in thecase of headand neck diseases which gets visible.

All in all, the step of establishing the endocrinecenter is beneficial to the society as well as for thecompanybecause it will help in achieving the mission of the healthcare as well as the betterment of the society and will add in the corporatesocialresponsibility of the MD Anderson.

2-      Improvements


MD Andersonhas been apioneer in practicing the IPU in the medical field.Itallowsthe healthcarecenter to understand and develop functions more keenly and precisely.The model took many of thedimensions in the systems, which enhanced the experience of the patients especially thecancervictims and survivors. Indoing so, there isroom for improvement. The following are thestepsMD Anderson can take to improvise its operations and functions.

  • The first thing that MD Anderson could do is to affiliate itself with the educational institutes, as this will allow MD Anderson to nurture such practitioners and physicians that can become a part of the healthcare center, thus benchmarking the quality of MD Anderson. The step willallow the company toestablishmore control in delivering the service and benchmarking the quality.

The secondstep thatMD Anderson can take isto incorporate research into the operations and functional of the center subsequently and timely. MD Andersonshall integrate the ongoing research on anindividual phenomenon like cancer intodaily practices of the MD Anderson, as itwillkeep the surgeons, practitioners, social workers and other players in the team to stay updated about the phenomenon. This step will eliminate the factor of self-studying the object and the new research on the availability of time,rather it will incorporate the whole research into the deportations through appropriate training……………………..

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