McDonald’s France Case Solution & Answer

McDonald’s France

Cloud Computing Challenges

Yes, I support the decision of cloud computing the justification of my answer is given below that we agree with this decision.

Cost Saving

The major aim of the cost computing is that it saves the cost of the restaurant which they pay on other disks and storage space. McDonald’s pays a huge amount of money on the discs and storage space. In cloud computing, the franchisee pays for the applications when there are needed and most of the applications are free of cost that’s why this is the best option according to saving for the restaurant.

Easy in use

Cloud computing is easy to use compared to other applications and software. In cloud computing, the franchise can save time and cost. Cloud computing is very easy in running. In this computing, there is no need to install or download the things it is all done by cloud computing in a very exact way.  Cloud computing has unlimited storage. If McDonald’s uses the whole storage of cloud in applications then the additional space they can avail by paying monthly fees of that storage. The major advantage of cloud computing is that it needs only an internet connection then the employee of the restaurant can operate the computing from anywhere on the globe.

Reduction in IT department

In this cloud computing, there is no need to install or download the things it is all done by cloud computing in a very exact way. Therefore the company can reduce its IT resources. Computing does all the things by there self like server maintenance, bugs fixation, and updating of software.

Recommendation for Infrastructure management

For the future management of infrastructure, there are a few strategies that McDonald’s must adopt.

Improve the long-term planned vision for the organization

McDonald’s must improve the planning of the organization for the long term. In the updated strategic plan the restaurant revises all the factors of the organization including which salaries of employees, quality of products and services, and the contracts with suppliers are to be updated. With the help of advanced strategic planning, McDonald’s can improve its infrastructure management.

Ensure systematic and effective stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders’ engagement is also important for infrastructure management. McDonald’s must analyze the stakeholders at the beginning of their investment and what type of investors they are. The restaurants must grab the investment opportunities of stakeholders and continuously try to improve their engagement with them. McDonald’s must attract more investors to the restaurant because it helps to increase the value of the company.

Make sure the asset performs throughout the time

The last recommendation for infrastructure management is to make sure the asset performs throughout the time it is most important because assets run the business. The useful life of the asset plays a great role in infrastructure management. If the useful life of the assets decreases it can also affect the organizational goal of the make sure the asset performs throughout the time restaurant.

Identification of key issues

Data Quality issue

This is the prime risk that restaurants face because they are shifting from one hard drive to another cloud computing system which can create the data quality issue for the corporation. The data can be not transferred completely during transfer are may be data lost its parent format which leads to difficulty in assessing the data. To overcome this risk the restaurant must apply the exactitude identity or the organization creates a central record.

Poor Performance Management

This risk is low for McDonald’s because the performance of the restaurant is good as compared to some competitors in the market in France. The brand image and market value of the company are good.

Declining in  Customers

This risk is moderate for the company because most of the consumers are loyal to McDonald which always prefers the milkshakes and chicken burgers from the restaurant whereas some of the customers are the shift from the restaurant to another competitor. The restaurant must increase the number of customers which boosts sales and increase the value of the corporation.

Operational risk

The operational risk of the corporation is high because the operations of the company need improvement. McDonald’s enhances the operation by providing training to the employees and increasing their performance which directly affects the operations of the business. The restaurant must improve the operations because as strong the operations are the company grows rapidly by grabbing the available opportunities in the market.


McDonald’s France transfers the knowledge to employees through the following methods.

Training of Employees

The restaurant must arrange the training of staff in which they transfer the knowledge to the employees that what are the current needs and demands of the market and how the McDonald provides them services and products which satisfy their utility. The employees of the restaurant have must the knowledge of operations and customers for growing their career path and for the growth of the organization.

Work Shadowing

Work shadowing is also a form of training but this is on-the-job training. The benefit of this training is that the employees can get knowledge during the job and the company can reduce the cost of training as compared to off-the-job training.

Knowledge through guided experience

In this method, the employees get the knowledge through guided experience. In which the employees get the knowledge from their job partners or from text or papers which company provides the employee relates with their job through which they clear the things and gain the knowledge regarding their job.

Knowledge through paired work

This is the most used method which is highly used in the food industry. McDonald’s can transfer the knowledge to employees through paired work. In this method, the two partners perform the same job in which one is more experienced and has knowledge about the task whereas the other one is new in the field. So the experienced partner of the pair trains the newly hired employee through which he gains the knowledge and accomplishes the assigned task. These are the few recommendations which we explain in detail for the employees of McDonald’s.


After completing all the requirements of the case we analyze that McDonald’s France was founded in the year 1972 in June. The headquarters of McDonald’s are located in Guy an court, Yvelines France. McDonald’s provides the services through franchising. McDonald’s can add more products to its product portfolio, especially the veg products which increase its sales in India and Pakistan. The problem that the restaurant faces are the brand has a weak system of operations that needs immediate improvement because of that the company also faces regulatory and economic restrictions. McDonald’s is the most valuable brand in the food industry and considered as 2nd most profitable franchise in the United States. McDonald’s has some legal issues because of the introduction of new laws and regulations in every country but the company resolves the legal issues. These are all the things we examine through some strategic analysis and a few recommendations are also given for the betterment of employees…..

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