Mba Final Exam Case Solution & Answer

Mba Final Exam Case Solution 


Being a treasurer requires an individual to be strongly determined, with sound planning capabilities and character strength. The treasury functions have evolved over the time, as the financing needs become a key consideration in running the overall organization. People with high motivation in pursuing their careers as a Treasurer must be aware of the international methodologies and perspectives of Treasury functions, as the profession is rapidly integrating in the whole world.

I am currently working as a Treasurer in a private school, which has boosted up my motivation in key aspects of the field as it’s associated with my educational background i.e. Masters of Business Administration.This job has made me learn more about the different individuals, cultures, return requirements, risk aversion levels and finance management within an organization. Continuing my job along with the MBA would be a challenging but an excellent opportunity for me to grow up as a Treasurer and build up my professional career in alliance with my education.

Job Description

The core responsibility a Treasurer is to manage the finances of the organization along the management committee improve the financial management system and its performance (DIY Committee Guide, 2018). Being a Treasure at a private school, I am specifically involved in the financial planning, budgeting, financial reporting and investing functions by assisting the senior manager of the Treasury department. The main goal of a Treasury department is to maintain the sufficient cash flow with minimum risk in order to meet the timely finance needs of the company.

Non-Verbal Communication & Role as a Treasurer

Non- verbal communication refers to the communication of action rather than words, as in verbal communication (Indeed Career Guide, 2020). Communication through body language, gestures, eye contact, touch, voice tone, appearance etc., is actually the non-verbal communication used by the individuals not even in work place but in daily life. It is considered as one of the strongest communication techniques between a supervisor and his subordinates. It usually occurs in different work place situations including meetings, interviews or even in general conversations.

Through non-verbal communication, the employees express their emotions, thoughts or opinions without words. Being a Treasurer, I should be able to understand the non-verbal cues given to me by my colleagues, subordinates or by boss, a sit creates a better understanding level with the overall team working in the treasury department.

.Maintaining Eye Contact

A treasurer needs to be proactive in collecting the market and the environmental information, in keeping the investments objectives of the Treasury department achieved. The coworkers or the subordinates fell valued if they are being heard properly by maintaining an eye contact. For instance, if one of my subordinates come to me by bringing an investment opportunity and I stay busy in my laptop rather than looking at him, then it will reduce his morale and motivation towards the work and from onwards, he will be reluctant to share any information. It can lead to some missed information, which may lead to risky investment by the Treasury department…………….

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