Question: 3Mattel’s strategy to reposition Barbie

Due to the reduction insales and strongcontroversies, Mattel repositionedBarbie in order to match the current social criteria and counter the controversies. Bydoing so, the company did the following:

  • The company reshaped the body of Barbie towards a more realistic body – bit curvy, in order to breakthe cultural taboo which it createdpreviously. ITrebrandeditself as a more realistgirl; thisapproach depicted the company’sstrategy to redesign the packaging of the product.
  • The company re-strategized its positioning strategy with the inculcation of the placementstrategy. Thecompany redevised its target market by including 22 tones and facial structure Barbiedolls. This step improved the image of Barbieas it identified and tapped different girls belonging to different cultures.

Thiscase depicts Mattel’s move to incorporate different cultures and realities of life. Thecompany introduced movable feet of Barbie, which for the first time couldwear a flat slipper as well, and this move incorporated the value and relation with an average girl. Moreover, the company recently launched the newdivision of Barbie dolls who are of different colors, thuseliminating the factor of racism.

Question: 4product and promotional strategy

As a brand manager, I would focus on developing a new product line of Barbie which wouldincorporate the essence of a normalgirl. It will target the normal girls who do notlike to be dressed up all the time, yet they are satisfied in theirown space and style. The new product will ensure the appropriatecommunication which would be empoweredbybeing “real”. The company will ensuremaintaining innocence through less make up and casual hairdo, with curvy body type. Through this strategy, the company would aimto reap moreprofits as it will counter the controversies and willtarget the normal casual girlsdue to which the societywould react positively as well as this would help in the development of young girls’personality.


The company will target the market through new video, which will intake or depict a normal casual Barbie with messy hair bun and flats. It would show aBarbie who loves to eat, yet stays fit through exercising.The company will also develop small movies of Barbie in which the casual lifestyle of Barbie will be depicted as well as it will use social media to derive moredemand.

RISK- Product strategy

The existing customers base who still love the traditionalBarbie may feel dejected as the company’s new focus will turn towardsa more diverseapproach. This, as a result,may negatively affectthe strong brand image ofBarbie as trendy and fashionable.

RISK-Promotional Strategy

The risk is that the customers may take anew step as an offense and breaching theirprivacy.The reason for this is becauseshort movies would show a clear lifestyle of an independent girl, which maynegatively affectthe customers base or a certain target market.

Question: 5 Decision to reposition

In my opinion, Mattel should re-position Barbie, because the market parameters define the productstrategyandthe demographics,which define or outline the marketing mix of any product which is shifting. With the passing time, racism and gender inequality is seen and analyzed through every perspective of the offerings in the market. This requires the company to offer a product, which is less controversial.Moreover, the trend of being yourself but still beautiful is trending all over the world, which is making women criticize or offend the offering which judges them on the basis of their body type, thus it is high time for Mattel to rebrand and reposition its offerings in order to sustain in the market…………………..

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