Master of Engineering Management Case Solution & Answer

  • Problem Statement:

The boys and girls club have a great impact on the children they are providing health, education and sports facilities. The impact would grow if the problems mentioned above are solved or at least minimized. The problem that the project manager would be keen to address is the betterment of the programs offered to the students(Limited, 2018). The students must take the course because they would love to be there, not just because they have to. Similarly, they must gain important skills so that they can life the live without any hardships. The project manager would like to go through every aspect of the courses and would provide a way to improve the courses and facilities in the club.




The research is actually based on engineering management, so we have to keep an eye on the engineering field, that’s why, under our research,we have focused on technology and how technological advancements can be made in making this club more ideal for the children and for the country. In this idea that we have proposed, more advancements can be made or there can be more technological ways that can be used to accomplish these ideas that we have proposed but the reason to do research was all based on this aspect as to make these clubs more and more effective for boys and girls.

The access to science and the digital world for students will make their minds sharp and they will get familiar with the technologies that the world is using today and they will  also be familiar with the future technologies as we are seeing today that the world is moving to new technology and IOT “Internet of things” and now every device today is constructed on IOT,(Forbes, 2018) this was just an example of the capabilities available if members are given access to these kinds of technologies right from their childhood and teenage as that knowledge of technology will be very effective for their higher studies. Similarly, sensors must be attached to the bodies of members to get latest data about their heath and thus, keep the members healthier.

This technological advancement makes things easy for the department although the institute will have to spend a large budget on advancement of this institute they will have to raise the funds from proper and trustworthy channels and they will even have to seek the government’s help but these are for a good cause of the members that also includes those kids which belong to poor family backgrounds so they will also enjoy all those facilities. So this will also eliminate social discrimination from the society.

  • Summary:

Guardians of today’s era in the US,especially in Chicago, where violence and savagery are increasing day by day, demand that they need their children put into useful and engaging community programs(Journal, 2016) when school is out as a later overview conducted by the US Division of Instruction. A larger part of parents want their children to go to after-school programs and most accept that the programs ought to center on instructive enhancement such as computer clubs, art classes, music courses and community benefit……….

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