Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pre-Admission Testing Area (Pata) Case Solution & Answer

Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pre-Admission Testing Area (Pata)

Alternative analysis

Lessening the volume of the patients

The first alternative option proposed by the team is to lessen the patient’s volume i.e. to reduce the volume of the patient per day which ultimately decreases the period of PATA. After analyzing the option, the director replied the capacity of the patient volume in the hospital is already low that is approximately to 65 percent. So, the more reduction in capacity would further lessen the revenue.

Expanding the room capacity

Another alternative option suggests by the team was to expand the room capacity of the patient. This option might be feasible because the MGH has enough capacity of creating more room spaces. It has been that there are few extra rooms available that has been used as a waiting area and have no use. However, if the MGH creates the more room, so it must needs more doctors in order to avoid the shortage of physicians.

Adding additional time between appointments

Another option that suggested was adding additional time between the appointments as it would assist with decreasing the time span of the patients spent in the waiting area. However, this isn’t the appropriate arrangement as there were patients who had been sitting queue for the RN visits since long. Hence it wouldn’t work on the proficiency of the PATA or work on its general interaction.

Appoint more doctors

Another suggested option was to appoint more physicians. It has been seen that the currently hospital contains the 13 physicians in which eight were in RN and remaining five were in MDs. So, appointing more physicians would be the great option for PATA. Moreover, it was noticed that the RN was the bottleneck of the cycles, not the doctors. Adding more doctors would probably make greater intricacy to the activities, for example, on the off chance that more RN are enrolled, the patient would have longer lines with the MD visits.


After analyzing the whole situation and bottle neck of the process, it has been recommended that in order to reduce the issue, the best strategy is to improve the process flow on the RN and MD visits. It has been seen that the RN and MD led a similar interaction which is directing evaluations of the patients regarding their health, mental condition, background of the family and allergies. So, the first important recommendation for the team is that they could take individual data through telephone, email, and site before their appearance to the emergency clinic. The other step is upgrade the work process by allotting the patient to MD when the RN goes into the test room which would give more than adequate measure of time for assessing outlines and furthermore decreasing the waiting time period of the patient.

Action and Implementation plan

The above proposed recommendation can be implemented by educating the patient’s regarding the whole plan followed by the proper guidelines. The proper guidelines should be created regarding the registered nurses. Moreover, the MGH should educate the patient’s regarding the electronic check-ins and appointment criteria and tell them that how could it reduce their waiting time. It is also important to educate the patient’s regarding the appointment procedure that how the patient would able to take appointment with the booking App with their choice of doctor and appropriate time frame. All of these initial steps are extremely important and would be important for the patients to know properly.

This would bring about decreased in waiting time, productive management activity and more prominent patient fulfillment. To oversee limit, the capacity of the enrolled medical caretaker should be expanded and the overall doctor ought to be accessible to treat patients with straightforward and viral contaminations or occasional illnesses….

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