Mary Kay China People and Love Case Solution & Answer



  • What are the special features of Mary Kay Inc.’s corporate culture?

Mary Kay developed the corporate culture depending on the values of care, loveand people empowerment.In doing so, the company from the start focused on the well-being of theemployees by offeringthem the balancebetweenwork and personal life. The companydeveloped three stages of working or prioritization that focused on first faith in what’s beingdone second, the family and third the job security.Kaybelieved that in order to achievehighperformance andemployee efforts, it is important that the personnel shouldhave faith in what is being done and what hemay achieve, alongwiththe family support and thenthe job security it received from the employer, together all three components bring out thebest on the employees and helpsthe companyachieve the goals effectively.

In addition to this, another part of the MaryKay corporate culture has been people and love.In developing so, Mary Kay connected the people and love with the profit and loss of the company. Since Kaybelieved that if the companymanages to develop a loving relationship and high interpersonal skills among the employees,then it may allow the companyto gain highprofits in the market due tohighperformanceand productivity, whileit may also lead to loss,if the element of love and care diminishes from the culture.Asitwill lead to more individualisticapproachesandconflicts that may resist the company’s performance.

Lastly, anotherpart of the Mary Kaycorporate culture has been the training systems and the direct salesmodel, in which the company trained the employees based on the theory of “best practices that people pursue to encourage other success”.This focused on developing suchculture that helped and encouragethe employees to support others in achieving success and not confining the success to oneself only.Thisdevelopedthe culture of knowledge sharingand helped companyto distribute the success evenly in the organization.


  • How does Mary Kay Inc. localize the corporate culture in China? What has Mary Kay done well in China?

Mary Kay always pursued the indirect selling business model for the business or pre-direct sales models, however when entered in China, the company faced the ban on the pre-directsales model, so the company focused to sell directly to theend users through ecommerce model.Manycompanies gained substantial sales under the particular model, however Mary Kay remain in theexisting model, though it initiatedsomechanges for the survival in theChinese market.

Such changes includes the openingofthe sales stores in Chinese market by the sales director and controlled run by the beauty consultants.Such strategy allowed the companyto maintain its corporate value andculture for not being in direct contact with the end user. In addition, the companyby seeingthe ecommerceemergence in the market, initiated the online pick up model, in which the customer can order a particular product online and then pick up fromany of the nearby store also by making payment online. Thison one hand reduced the operational costwhile on other hand enabled company to offer convenience to the customer, hence making itselfsustainable in the turbulentChinese market…………………..

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