The biggest criticism for the business and the activities that came under the lime light came from the church that the Marriott family belonged to as the owner and the founder of the company, Bill senior, was a hardcore and staunch follower of the Mormon Church and therefore, the core values and competencies of the organization have traditionally been in line with the values, religion, beliefs, customs and traditions of the Marmon Church.However, the services of adult entertainment or the pornography were highly disregarded in the religion and values of the Mormons regarding it as a disobedience of the commandments of God.

The port adult entertainment service that the senior management of the organization provides to the visitors and the customers of the organization at the hotels of the company are highly in demand among the customers and it can be termed as a need for a significant strength of the customer base of the organization.

The estimates as per the case study reveal that roughly more than 50% of the customers that visit the hotels of the company request for in rooms adult entertainment services and this has caught the management of the organization in the middle as it has to decide in wake of such increasing criticism that is destroying the public image of the company in the markets where it operates.

The CEO of the company and the board of directors of the organization have scheduled a meeting in this regard to decide the future course of actions of the company in terms of the services that it provides to the customers at the hotels. The management of the company needs to choose that whether the business should stick with the core values of the founder of the business and the church that they all go to or should they address this customer need and pursue short term benefits.

This is a strategic issue for the management of the organization because whatever may the management decide the decision will influence the future operations of the business and it might also even influence the revenues, operating margins and the market share of company in the long term.

What is the source of the primary public policy issue(s)? How does an institutional model of society help to identify this source?


The criticism and legal actions of the numerous conservative groups against these activities and services that the senior management and the CEO of the company had approved the hotels to provide to the customers and clients of the company provided the senior management a chance to take a glance at exactly how complicated and serious the issue has become in the markets the business operates.

Some of the groups that are against such services of the hotels and various other organizations that support and provide the adult entertainment services and stuff have taken legal action against the senior management, stakeholders and the directors of the organization while claiming that these services of the company are un-ethical and against the social and corporate values of the policy that the management of the company proudly and publicly claims in the industry while operating in the markets.

The source of the issue is the criticism and legal action of various conservative groups that are present and operating in most of the markets where the business operates. The most significant criticism and issue for the senior management of the company in this regard came from Mitt Romney in the presidential elections as he took the issue seriously and addressed it in the elections and this significantly increased the media pressure for the management of the company as the person speaking was one of their own. He is the former Mormon and an ex- executive director of the company.

The discussion of the adult entertainment service provided by the business at such a platform has significantly increased the pressure on the business. Moreover, the management of the organization is critical of tackling this issue and addressing it in order to protect the company image and reputation in the market. This is imperative for the business as the groups claim to have sued the business in the courts by stating that the company is violating its own human rights policy of protecting the children.

How is this issue linked to the Marriott Corporation culture?


The founder and the developer of the company, Bill senior, was highly enriched with the values of keeping the culture, religion and ethics first in the business and had traditionally adopted strong moral values to supplement and drive such impressive growth of the business in the markets it operates……………..

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